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Featured FurKidz: Epping does an Epic job!

This shelter has medals galore (metaphorically speaking) for every hero, just like you, that adopts one of its many cats or dogs, a small selection which features in this article. 

Sarah 1 Jack 1 Sascha 1 Max 1

Epping is one of the shelters operating under the formal title of Animal Anti Cruelty League and is situated in the industrial area of Epping, no more than 30 minutes from Cape Town Downtown. It has been in operation for more than 20 years, rescuing and rehoming animals in need; those who can't speak for themselves, our furry canine and feline friends.

Fudge 3 Ginger Boy 3 Black kittens 2 Fred 3

It's only a lack of awareness amongst those who keep the backyard breeders busy, producing dogs of questionable parentage, that accounts for Epping's need of you as a potential Mom or Dad to one of their rescued and homeless animals. So, If you're reading this, you're already halfway to hero status!

The dogs and cats featured here are just an example of the wide range of future pets who'll happy settle in at your place. From pure bred dogs to the household cross breed, from fancy felines to magical Moggies, each and every one of these animals have joy in their hearts to share. Be a fully fledged hero and get to Epping today to choose your own future mate. Click here to see all the dogs and cats waiting for you at the AACL in Epping.


Featured Furkidz: Adopting a Puppy

Puppy 1 Puppy 2 Puppy 3 Puppy 4

Considering adopting a dog but feeling a bit unsure whether it’s the right decision?

Well here are just a few reasons why we believe you will never regret giving a sheltered animal a new home:

  1. By adopting from a shelter, you’ll in fact save two lives – the one you decide to adopt and a homeless animal that can be saved because of the place you helped free up!

  2. It is much less expensive to adopt an animal than purchasing it. Yes, you do have to pay an adoption fee, but this fee already includes sterilization, vaccinations, deworming and sometimes even the microchip. Taking care of these important treatments yourself at a vet would cost you more than three times the adoption fee.

  3. Your adoption will financially support the chosen shelter as opposed to pet stores that more than often put profit above the welfare of animals.

  4. Last but not least, you will be filled with a sense of purpose and fulfilment that accompanies adoption. Not only will you feel better emotionally and psychologically, you may even get fitter by regularly walking your new best friend. And don’t get us started on the unconditional love you will receive!

Really, what’s not to love about having a dog?

It is crucial for you to choose the right dog, a dog that fits into your family and lifestyle. If you are looking for an adorable puppy that could put a smile on your face, why not visit Ark Animal Centre which specialises in puppies and small breed dogs? We guarantee you will find your favourite little friend there and will never look back!

Puppy 5 Puppy 6 Puppy 8 Puppy 7


A Chow Chow - your dignified companion

Chow Chow female 9 months old Ranger Chow Chow male 1 year old Forbes

Does the Chow Chow's appearance remind you of a lion? Well, he doesn't just look like one, he also has other features similar to the lion.The Chow Chow is also regal, dignified, self-confident and brave. He's also a very intelligent guard-dog. Being a good protector of the family, he is very loyal towards all family members, but wary of strangers, although unlikely to be aggressive unless provoked.

If you want to own a Chow Chow, do be aware of his strong personality. He is quite independent and has a strong will that needs to be respected. Despite their huggable teddybear appearance Chows are not the type of animal that likes to be hugged or fussed over all the time, please respect this.

One of the Chow Chows marked characteristics is his luxurious fur, which requires a bit of extra care, so don't forget to brush your dog every day. Don't worry, despite the regular brushing, this dog requires little additional care beyond trainig, affection, feeding and walking.

The Chow Chow is a very quiet and calm dog at home, but like all dogs he needs exersice to stay in a good mental and physical health.

Treat a Chow Chow right, love him and you will get a faithful friend for life. All the Chows featured in this article are waiting for YOU, meet them to see if a Chow is your perfect match!

Frieda Candy Mercia Angel




Featured FurKidz: Stepping up for Animals

Miley Daisy Jacob Julius 

TEARS is going more than one extra mile to help animals in need, they travelled over 750km, almost to the border of Namibia.

As TEARS received an E-Mail asking for help the whole story began. The owner of Richtersveld Animal Shelter had contacted a lot of organizations operating in animal welfare, also TEARS, telling his tragic story. The Animal Shelter was in need and although TEARS is more than 750 kilometers away they offered to carry out this mission to take in the dogs of a bankrupt shelter. The founder there tried to do his best for the animals, but with a lack of support, experience and money, the "wheels fell off".

The success of this rescue mission was as a result of a great team effort and much support and encouragement from TEARS. The dogs rescued from the Richtersveld Animal Shelter will need special care and rehabilitation, but after that all of them will be up for adoption. The dogs featured in this article are not from Richtersveld and longsince ready for a loving home, so come and meet them.

If you are in the position to adopt or foster a dog contact TEARS-The Emma Animal Rescue Society and never regret your decision.

Ruby  Scimpie  rover  Max1


Featured FurKidz: Find your soul mate

Elijah Chicken Jordan Ben

DARG, as a pro-life shelter, gives animals that are older, injured or not as desirable a second chance at life. DARG has a lot of older dogs waiting for someone who needs them as much as they do. 

DARG has created a separated area for their "longtermers" who are still patiently waiting for their new mummies and daddies. In this area the dogs have a lot of space and can run around and play the whole day.

If you are interested in adoptig a ore mature doggie, come and visit the DARG- Domestic Animal Rescue Group- today and find your soul mate.

Steffi Bula Carmen Wharf


Featured Furkidz: Kittens at the AACL Bellville

 kitten9m4 kitten10m3 kitten8m4 25572a

Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth, flooding animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with homeless litters. Kitten season is really three seasons in one, starting in spring, peaking in late spring or early summer, and ending in fall. Female cats can go into heat every two to three weeks and can become pregnant while they are still nursing kittens—which means that one cat can give birth to multiple litters over the course of a single season.

Where do all these kittens go? These unwanted cats and kittens, when not left on the street to fend for them selves, often turn up in large numbers at the local animal shelter and other rescue groups. 

Baby animals may be cute, but their overabundance leaves shelters in a difficult situation, stretching resources to the limits. The chances that an adult cat will find a home typically drop—they are generally overlooked by potential adopters when cute kittens are in abundance.

kitten1m3 25554a kitten5m3 kitten3m1

This whole tragedy could end if we all took responsibility for their futile fertility..Sterilizing even one cat or dog can prevent thousands more from being born, only to end up on the streets, or in the hands of abusive people. or in shelters. Without spaying, one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in six years, and one fertile female cat and her descendants can lead to a staggering 370,000 cats in only seven years. Male animals contribute to the overpopulation crisis even more than females do: Just one unsterilized male animal can impregnate dozens of females, creating hundreds of unwanted offspring.

By having our animal companions sterilized and helping our friends, family and everyone we know understand why it's so important for them to do the same, we can save lives.

 The AACL Bellville has many gorgeous kittens up for adoption. The Adoption fee includes deworming, de-fleaing, first vaccinations and sterilisation at six months which is compulsory. 

  kitten7m3 kitten4f1 kitten2m1 kitten6m1


FurKidz Finder

ascot dear Ann Houdini

 Well, hello there and welcome to the Furkidz website. You're well on the way to finding your perfect match of canine or feline companion.

If you haven't ever visited this site before, we want you to enjoy the experience, and to assist you, so we've outlined just a couple of quick hints on best use of the site, along with why we're here.

Furkidz has grown in response to the increasing number of homeless and unwanted dogs or cats, who've been forgotten and overlooked by people buying directly from backyard breeders or pet shops.

We visit a large number of shelters in a variety of locations to interact with and photograph their dogs and cats and to provide you a brief online description to entice you, and convince you that adoption is THE option.

How to use this site:

To save you time, we've added a range of search options (check out our FurKidz Finder on the top left hand side)

The first filter option asks what type of pet you're looking for, and then, and often most popular option, is simply tosearch by region to find your nearest shelter, and make the time to visit. You'll have the opportunity meeting a range of pure and mixed breed dogs and cats, of varying ages, sizes, colours and gender, making it a simple solution when choosing your next pet.

Alternatively, once you've entered your type of pet and your region, you can also use advanced filters for breed, age, size, colour or gender if you're looking for more specific attributes.

We invite you to enter your preferences, to view our Furkidz, already sterilised, healthy and vaccinated, and just patiently waiting for someone like you, to call their own. The ones you'll initially see here, are a small selection from our last shelter visit and just some of the wonderful animals we've photographed who're waiting for adoption at HAWS, in Hartbeespoort.

Enter your choice off pet, and region, to reveal more equally amazing animals just ready and waiting for new homes with people with big hearts - people like you.

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