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Herbs for Companion Animals

beryl_shuttleworth   Read what Beryl Shuttleworth, BSc Biochemistry & Zoology and owner of The Herbal Pet recommends:

My dog, Hleka, loves to lie on my mint plant. I've got a huge plant growing just outside the kitchen door and I often look outside and find her lazing in the middle of it, occasionally even munching on a leaf or two. This used to puzzle (and irritate!) me, until I thought about it. She was more than likely lying there for a reason. Mint is a cooling plant, and also helps with digestive and respiratory problems. Hleka was using her instinctive knowledge of plants to help heal herself. Read more...


Beware of the owner!

owner    By Linda / The Squashed Tomato

Dogs that bark for hours on end. Cats that stray into neighbouring gardens and houses. Are these naughty, ill-behaved animals that should be punished, or is it in fact the owners who are at fault? Read more...



share  By Linda / The Squashed Tomato

Looking up "help" in the dictionary offers a number of definitions and uses. The two that stand out most to me are "Make it easier for someone to do something" and "Improve a situation or problem".

What I find strange is that, when people are asked to help animal rescue organisations, they often tend to assume that they are being asked for money and shake their heads. Others that truly do wish to be of assistance say that they feel helpless as they cannot adopt a rescue pet or cannot afford to make a donation. Read more...


FurKidz-on-Film: Collie X CJ

CJ is a lovely, super handsome 2 year old Belgian Shepherd x Border Collie Boy. He was found roaming the streets, abused, full of mange and underfed. The clip show how he arrived at the AACL. Look at the pictures to see what a great recovery he has made! He has a beautiful shiny fluffy coat, is full of life and cant't wait to start all over again. It is time for him to experience the good sides of life, please give him his second chance, he longs for a home! Meet him at the Animal Anti Cruelty League in Bellville, you won't regret it. Call Helen or Alma on 021 951 3010 to find out more. 

                                          CJ Now                                         CJ Before

CJm2 CJm3 CJm1

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Winter Wonderland?

winter  South Africa is definitely fast approaching a cold, wet and wintery season for the next few months. When the Western Cape has already had its first snow, during April, it's a good indicator of cold times to come. I'm sure you've already unpacked your woolly jerseys, dusted off your boots and put on your winter sheets. Looking forward to cosy evenings spent by the fire with a glass of wine? You betcha! The change into winter mode has been made. Have you thought about your pet, though? Read more...


Aniwell: Why we have adoption fees!


aniwell      Looking at all the animals advertised on Gumtree I cannot help feeling a little sick to my stomach. All those animals being given away for free... is that really the value of an animal's life to the people placing those ads? What kind of person gives the offspring, the flesh and blood, of their own supposedly "beloved" pet away to a stranger without thinking twice or asking for some type of assurance that they can afford to care for him/her financially? Read more...


Give a little bit of your love to me

Cage42_3 By Linda Harding / The Squashed Tomato  

The music group Supertramp wrote these words in their famous song "Give a little bit of your love". Later in the song, they go on to say:

"I'll give a little bit,
I'll give a little bit of my life for you.
So give a little bit,
Give a little bit of your time to me"

I think that if this song were written from a pet's perspective, they'd have to be changed to:

"I'll give all,
I'll give all of my life for you.
So give a little bit,
Give a little bit of your time to me"

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