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Canine Intelligence

what-dogs-think   By Venessa Dace (Sprogs n dogs)

I often wonder what our dogs are thinking. For example, when there's a roast chicken on the table, I have no doubt the eager look on their faces is a rapacious plea for a titbit or two.

But what about when I raise my voice to discipline the kids? Flattened ears and skulking side steps could mean that they (unlike the kids) are terrified of my wrath. It could also signify their dislike for loud noises (I boom!). Or maybe, just maybe they empathise with my plight ('Shame the poor woman. She's worked off her feet, her kids are being impossible and I think we should leave the room out of respect for her suffering')? Read more...


Update: Freeway stood up!

"Freeway" - the sweetheart who was rescued on the N2 last week Thursday 31st of March after he was knocked down by a car and left to die, STOOD UP! 

This is wonderful news as the team from the Uitsig Animal Rescue was very concerned about Freeway. He had an old injury to his front leg and the new injury, a broken Pelvis, left him immobile and he could only get by, by leopard crawling to his food and water bowl up until now.

Freeway is still not using his front leg, but he stood up!! This is an indication that he will make it and come right!! We are so excited! GO Freeway! 

Have a look at this little lucky fighter!


Left to die on the N2...


N   "I'm in so much pain" People just drive by, they don't even slow down, cars buzzing!! Here I lie, on the middle man close to Baden Powell drive on the N2. Someone hit me and just drove on as if nothing has happend. Read more...


Furry Worry: My Humps My Humps...



What can I do with a randy male dog? Is there some sort of relief? He is not castrated and seems to want to hump the other male dog who is castrated. He has never mated, will it change his personality or is it best to leave as is. This is not too serious a problem, he only ever seems to want to do it when the other dog is excited to see me.

In Other Problems - Asked by Coach


Wow, this is a simple answer... HAVE YOUR BOY STERELISED NOW!!!! And yes, it will change his nature, to a calmer boy. It could also be a dominant behaviour, but let me know if this continues after he has been neutered and we can discuss this. I promise you he will be much happier, not so frustrated as intact dogs can smell dogs on heat over a long distance and this causes so much more aggression, frustration, and hecticness. Imagine you are a man, of about 18, living in the playboy mansions with 30 gorgeous girls walking around naked all day long. You are not able to touch them but they drive you crazy. Not a nice feeling? Well, this is how your boy is feeling, so chop them off. Its the unselfish thing to do.

Do you have furry worries ?   



Remember Chrissie?

chrissie3 Read how the story ends...


PJ Pyjama's Story...


PJf1  This poor girl was burnt with boiling water or cooking oil and even made it into the Tygerburger. She was treated at the Animal Anti Cruelty League in Bellville for serious burn wounds and was lovingly named PJ Pyjamas by the hospital staff. Read more...


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Michelle McCann of Tamed & Framed Pet Photography is a contemporary photographer based in Cape Town. Her artistic and illustrative style transforms your furry friends into fine art. She will donate 10% of her fee to FurKidz, please have a look at her website www.tamedandframed.com and book a shoot for your FurKidz!


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