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Featured Furkidz: Irwin Animal Rescue Centre needs You!

Hope Zoey Swift Lina

That was then...

These last few months haven't been easy for Irwin's Animal Rescue Centre. You may have heard about them or more likely about the previous owner. The loss of many dogs under the previous management has fortunately been superseded by a wonderful new management whose focus now is on the saving of lives and adoption of these wonderful canines who are more than ready for new homes.

... and this is now:

Now the IARC is slowly rebuilding itself. A team of volunteers, ably led by the centre's manageress Tanya Sequiera, are working hard on overcoming the past problems and turning the IARC into a better environment and future for the dogs under their care.

There is significant progress underway: new, spacious camps have been built, and every single one of them has been covered with durable shade cloth on a strong and modern steel framework (as you might know it from company caports). In addition to that an automated watering system has been installed to ensure fresh drinking water at all times for the 470 dogs. The 16 kennel guys follow a strict cleaning and feeding schedule and are walking "their" dogs on a regular basis.

On Sunday the 24th of March the shelter is organizing a special event, to which YOU are invited; Come and enjoy a range of activities, including:

- An Easter Egg Hunt for the children will keep them entertained, refreshments will also be available.
- And everyone who attends will be eligible to enter the draw for a scooter which will be raffled over the coming months. One free entry if you adopt.
- Free advice from an Animal behaviorist will be provided, should you be looking for your future pet from IARC.

Come and meet some of the wonderful animals looking for their second chance of a wonderful future and ready for you to adopt. A token entrance fee is to be the donation of bags or tins of dog food.

Do join in the celebration of the new chapter in the life of Irwin Animal Rescue and click here for more information about the Irwin Animal Rescue Centre

Sheba Fluffy Romeo Mickey 


Featured Furkidz: HHAWS


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." (Josh Billings)

Take your time and have a look at all those unwanted sweethearts at Helderberg Animal Welfare Society. You'll be delighted by all those joyful wagging tails, all of whom will compete for your attention. These dogs are really amazing creatures, providing such unconditional love if you'll just take them and let them be your friend.

If you get a puppy, they'll simply adore you. If you get a seasoned dog, he will be even more appreciative of the opportunity only you can provide.

Whether large or small, young or old, you'll never regret the decision to adopt  yourself one of the unique and wonderful animals which abound here at  Helderberg AWS, so a visit is definitely worthwhile. They just await your love and commitment. 






Featured FurKidz - AACL Epping


balloo husky_girl cream_pup brown_freerun

Are you still looking for a new furry family member, be it a four legged, fluffy, playful one who is cute as hell and still tiny, or a cuddly furball who's just looking for more than just someone who calls himself it’s “owner”. These gorgous animals want to really belong to the family, with a loving and caring place to stay until their days are over. If you're looking for an exercise buddy, a best friend and confidante for your child, a happy face to greet you after a hard day at work or a companion who loves you more than himself, an adopted dog will be all these things – and so much more!

The Animal Anti Cruelty League Epping always have a wide variety of animals looking for new loving homes, including pure-breed and mixed-breed dogs and especially puppies ranging in all ages, colours, shapes and sizes. With dozens of dogs available for adoption every week, you're sure to find your new companion at the Animal Anti Cruelty League Epping! 

Have a look at their wonderful doggies, let them introduce themselves and give them a chance to be YOUR new special family member. Click here to visit each dogs profile.

maltese_pup_4 rex danny frank


Featured FurKidz: Adoption Procedure - a quick guide

Astrix Cuchulain Dudley Domini

So, you've made a decision to adopt a new fur friend from a shelter? Excellent. Your new fur friend will love you for it. Aside from the lower costs for adoption as opposed to buying, you'll get real satisfaction, knowing you've provided a loving home to an orphan. 

We've prepared a short guide here, to help you understand the process, and demystify how it works.

Shelters always have the animals best interests at heart, and therefore you'll understand they generally screen prospective owners, to ensure that the pet is going to a responsible and loving, permanent home, and you get the right one for your needs and lifestyle too.

Adoption processes can vary between shelters, but you can generally read about specifics on each Shelters website, so it's worth checking these in advance.

Once your decision is made to adopt ( loud applause ! ) , you'll be keen to choose your new pet. This can be done online at Furkidz, or you can visit a shelter directly to find your perfect companion.

The next step will be for the Shelter to ensure the right fit between you and the pet. They will likely ask you to complete a form just checking basics such as " the time the animal has company, or will it be secure at your place, do you lead a sedentary lifestyle or a more active one?" . This isn't an examination, it's just to ensure you get the best possible pet for your needs.

Also, given that pets for adoption need a loving and secure home, many shelters will also visit your property too, and maybe even make suggestions to help you ensure the best possible home for your new pet.

You might even be invited to bring along any children or other pets you have to make sure all will get along with each other.

Be patient, and have faith in these processes, as they are simply designed to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your chosen one.

Contact HAWS - Hartbeesport Animal Welfare Society to find your perfect friend.

Desmond Zando Peanut Melody


Featured FurKidz: Last chance to trot... their next stop ?

angel Jack alice bullet

Take a look at these wonderful animals.They are at very serious risk , if you can't look inside your heart and adopt one , or even two, into your home.Their shelter is so full, its impossible to house them all for much longer, and they've waited a long long time for you to take one of them to your place. These sad yet wonderful creatures need a home. Now! Change lives theirs and yours.

So much unrealised potential, possibly wasted. Their only crime is that they haven't been seen as "cute" enough by possible adoptive families, and they're fast running out of options. They didn't choose their circumstances; not their birth, or their sad, abandoned lives, or their upcoming demise.

Why? These guys are victims of society's desire to own the "cute", or the "handsome". They are at such grave risk only because, time and again, they've watched their "cute" or " winsome" kennel mates leave them behind for happy homes. They've been passed over for the aforementioned animals. Does this mean they aren' t a potential loyal mate, a loving companion, your "get off that couch and exercise" kind of dog? They are indeed.

Suki henry_copy Cuddles velvet

These "plain Janes" and "homely boys" just need a chance to perform in the same roles any other loving animal provides its human family. Their need is dire, and they don't have much time left. You can help. Cast your mind back to childhood... Remember how it was, when you might have felt marginalised, teased, spotty, or just feeling less attractve than the gorgeous guys and gals around you. Imagine if that was a crime, and without a trial, your life could be ended just because of your looks alone. These dogs have committed no crime. They haven't savaged anyone, they havent bitten their cell mates... They are just lost, canine souls, in need. They might not be the best looking on the block, but this ought not to mean death for them.

If you've a loving home you can offer one of these guys, now's the time to act. Immediately. Give a loving home and get soul mate who will adore you the rest of their natural lives. Act now, by calling Hermanus Animal Welfare! on 028 312 1281

chloe Timmy Granite


Event: Friends of Vondi's Evening 6th March


"Friends of Vondi's" is a monthly social event where like-minded animal lovers meet to get inspired by dynamic speakers, all for the good and welfare of our companion animals and the welfare organisations that protect them.

On the 6th March Vondis kick off their monthly forum for charity. Main guest speaker is ward councillor Beverley Schaffer and behaviourist Bernice Jaffe. This time round all proceeds will go to LEAPS. Join Vondis over a glass of crisp champers or wine and light snacks. Walk away with an inspired heart and a sponsored gift bag.


Featured FurKidz: What to consider before adopting

Rundif_1  Kermitm2  Luckym3  Fiefief4

There are a few important questions you should ask yourself before adopting a dog. When you consider them not much can go wrong:

1. Make sure that you like dogs and can handle them. If you have children make sure that they like dogs too and are not afraid of them or are allergic against dog hair.

2. Ask yourself if you have enough time for a dog, because you have to take a dog for walks usually 3 times a day (and still at least one time, even if you have a large garden), you have to pay lots of attention especially in the beginning and help your dog to settle in and give him lots of love and affection. Do you have a garden or some space where your dog can be active and play during the day? Is there and area in your surroundings, where you can take your dog out for walks?

3. You have to consider what you are going to do with your dog, if you want to go on holidays. Do you have a reliable caretaker for the dog or are you able to take your dog with you on holidays?

4. Keep the costs of owning a dog in mind, you have to pay a lot for a pet, especially for veterinary expenses, for dog food, toys, bedding etc.

5. Before you are going to adopt a dog you have to find out if your landlord/body corporate allows to keep a dog in your flat or house?

6. Remember that a dog needs time to get to know you and your family member, so take as much time as possible to get to know the dog and meet him a few times before you decide to adopt him and take him home. This will make sure that he fits in with your family and lifestyle. One of the most heartbreaking things that happen to shelter dogs on a regular basis is to be taken home to a loving family just to be returned a few days/weeks/months later. 

If you have questions about one of the FurKidz featured in this article, get in touch with the shelter Wetnose Animal Rescue Center, just dial Phone: 013 932 3941 or 013 932 3946.

Please make sure that you are prepared for the responsibility of owning a dog!

Amyf5  Cleof6  Nalaf7  Pilotm8


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