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Featured Furkidz @ Wetnose

Arthur_Male_1 Bradley_Male_1 C10_1_m_3 Cinderellafemale3

Christmas is a time of loving, but in shelters across South Africa, the period after Christmas is very chaotic, especially for Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre, which is a pro-life shelter. 

Wetnose has experienced in the weeks following Christmas a huge influx of animals that might not have been the ideal Christmas present for some families. 

For those of you looking for a new addition to your family, Wetnose is the perfect place to look for your new Furkidz, as many of these animals have been unwanted for a long time, so why not make them your new furrever friend? 

Contact Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre today in Rayton on 013 932 3941, or go visit them yourself, you won't be able to resist! 


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Featured Furkidz: Purrfect Harmony!

Alexa_Female_2 Annie_Female_1 Bernie_Male_2 Mone_Female_1

Introducing your new kitten to your family cat can be quite difficult, but if approached properly the two can become great friends!

Cats are a bit more difficult to introduce to each other compared to dogs, as cats can be more territorial and aggressive of their area and their special carer.

The first step is to organise a separate living area for your new kitten, completely isolated from your family cat. Let the kitten explore its new area, and while this is happening, have someone paying extra special attention to your family feline. After a few days, and with the kitten acquainted with its new surroundings, bring the kitten into the same area as your family cat, but be prepared to separate the cats if the family cat becomes too territorial or aggressive towards the kitten, but don't worry, this is normal!

After this, put the cats together for a few times a day so they can become better acquainted with each other. You may see the older cat trying to "mother" the kitten, which again is normal and completely fine. As long as there is no open violence towards each other, then everything should progress smoothly.

It may take a couple of weeks to achieve purrfect harmony, but once your felines are friends, friends forever they will be!


Featured Furkidz: Puppy Lovin'!

Acer_Male_1 Baloo_Male_2 Billy_Male_1 Bitty_Female_4

No one can resist a puppy, but what do you do when the puppy is faced with the "big dog" of the household – how do you introduce your new puppy to your family animals?

First things first, before you bring your new puppy home, make sure that any items the family dog might get possessive or territorial over - such as food bowls, toys, bones and any other objects your dog has a strong attachment to - are removed or hidden. This will lessen the jealously the family dog may feel when you bring your new puppy home, especially if he starts playing with all the other dogs favourite toys!

Now for the first meeting – this is very important as it will cement the foundation of the relationship between the two dogs. Both dogs should ideally meet in the backyard or a semi-open space, not a small space. Have both the dogs on leads when greeting each other as this will help to control any tense situation that may arise. Once the dogs have become familiar with each other, take the family dog off the lead first, this allows the dog to feel that he still has some authority in the situation. Then allow the puppy to explore the house and yard still on lead, if the family dog does not appear threatening, then it is safe to let the puppy off the lead.

For the next couple of weeks, make sure all interactions are supervised, as this is still new territory for both dogs. Try to keep routine for the family dog as normal as possible, but make sure that both dogs have separate eating bowls and areas, as well as separate sleeping areas in the beginning. Make sure that both dogs receive equal amounts of attention, so they don't feel unloved or ignored.

After this Puppy Lovin' should hopefully be achieved!


Featured FurKidz: Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch

Shadow Pup5 Emily Noodle

If you are looking for a new best friend in the Western Cape, visit the Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch. These 8 cutie pies are just a small number of adorbale dogs and cats waiting to become part of a family! Click here to see all the FurKidz @ Stellenbosch and contact the office on 021 886 4901 to find out more about one of them.

Pup8 Lola Billy Pup1



Featured FurKidz - P.E.T.S


Why do so many dogs end up at a shelter?

Can you image that those cuties have been given away? No?..Me neither! It’s not the dogs but the peoples fault that so many four-legged friends end up in shelters, the simple reason why is, that people adopt/buy dogs without having enough knowledge about them and without thinking about the consequences of owning and caring for an animal for the rest of their lives.

Here are some of the most common reasons why dogs end up in shelters:

1. Lack of training:

Without consistent and loving leadership and stimulation, many dogs will start to develop problems like barking, jumping and marking. Suddenly the dog seems more of a burden than joy, and people's perception change from seeing them as the sweet, fluffy, cute doggie to a mere irritation. At his point many people do not think twice and simply bring their animal to the shelter without even trying to work on the problems. The described problems are very easy to get under control, all it takes is dedication or some proffessional advice. What are a couple of Rands invested into a book or training session in comparison to all the heartache, trauma and guilt that giving an animal up brings!  Dogs do not come trained! They need diligent leaders who are willing to put in the hours setting rules, boundaries, and limitations, and spending time teaching them commands.  

2. Lifestyle changes:

When people are losing their job, breaking up their relationship, having a new baby, having health issues or are moving they may become overwhelmed by a four-legged friend. Think ahead and try to find ways around these kind of lifestyle changes which will include your forever friend and not abandon him. 

3. Costs:

Food and treats, toys, beds, leashes and collars, grooming, routine veterinary care. Preventive medications and supplements, training classes or resources, petsitters or boarding – pets are expensive. It’s easy to underestimate the costs a dog accounts for, especially if your new friend has special needs or health issues some day.

aiden_pic layla milo chuck

These are just a few reasons why a PERFECT dog might end up in a shelter.

Some people may automatically discount looking for a new four-legged friend at a shelter, thinking that such dogs are dogs with diseases, "throw-away dogs" or problem dogs without realizing that there are lots of beautiful animals with perfect natures waiting for their chance of a happy life.

Give shelter dogs a chance, visit one of the many shelter listed on our website or browse through their profiles on our website.

The dogs featured in this article are with PETS, a non-profit, pro-active, pro-life animal rescue organization, who's motto is:

"Adopting one dog may not change the world, but for that dog their world is changed forever!


Featured FurKidz: New Year's Resolutions

Boerboel_girl Cat Pom Husky

Happy new year!! Do you have new year's resolutions? Thinking about doing something good for the animals in this world? Consider to adopt a dog or a cat from a shelter to offer them a loving and forever home!

Animal Welfare Society of South Africa in Philippi is an animal shelter that truly deserves your new year's resolutions. Not only does it take in stray and unwanted pets, it also offers a range of veterinary services to the underprivileged communities of Cape Town. AWS of SA has its own clinic which is open 7 days a week. At any time over a hundred sick or injured animals can be housed.

And at Animal Welfare Society of South Africa are the cutest dogs currently looking for a forever home! So, if you are willing to do something truly good for our furry friends: have a look at all the beauties in Philippi and make 2013 the best year for them! For more information click here or call 0216922626.

Terrier Boxer_girl Cat_2 JR


Bigger or smaller dog? That’s the question!

When choosing your FurKid, size should play a role and you should consider if a large or rather a small/medium sized dog fits better into your family and lifestyle. Here are some considerations:


Large dogs eat more than smaller ones. Some small dogs only need half to one cup of good quality food each day, while some large dogs may require several cups of food each day. 

troy charlie magic_4 chester_3


Bigger dog needs more space, they take up more room on the couch, in the car, and everywhere else you take them. Larger dog beds and other items are often more expensive than the smaller versions.

Many rental complexes allow only small dogs, always check your Body Corporate Rules before adopting a dog.

bobi ronnie tiger_1 toni

Small dogs generally mature quicker, yet they age slower and generally live longer than large breeds. BUT just because they are small does not mean they are automatically lapdogs or couch potatoes and many small breed dogs are highly energetic and require as much if not more exercise and stimulation than some larger dog breeds.

There are pros and cons to adopting both large and small dogs; size is an important factor to consider, but so is your new best friends personality and exercise requirements, so choose carefully! Determine the traits that will fit your lifestyle best to ensure a long and happy live together with your new family member.

A beautiful place to find your new fur-ever friend is DARG at Hout Bay, have a look at some of their adorable dogs presented in this article and click here to see all of their animals waiting for homes.

Name: DARG

Address: 220 Main Road, Hout Bay
Phone: 0217900383



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