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Featured FurKidz: Smilies at AACL Bellville

Dogs use different movements of their bodies and body parts and different vocalizations to express their emotions. There are a number of ways a dog can communicate its feelings. There are movements of the ears, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, head, tail, and entire body, as well as barks, growls, whines and whimpers, and howls.

To me, one of the greatest forms of dog communication is to see a happy doggy smile, here are my most favourite smiles of dogs at the Animal Anti Cruelty League in Bellville. Just look at these 8 smiling beauties...

beeno bill henry isis

..can you really resist these babies?

luke mia rex tripod

It does not matter which one you prefer most, but please visit them soon and give them the chance to win you over! 


Animal Anti Cruelty League Bellville


Sacks Circle


Bellville South


Western Cape





Pet Pals - Nine rescued puppies need loving homes

November_Pup_3 November_Pup_8 November_Pup_6

Have a look at these adorable puppies!  PetPals, a registered animal rescue organisation, is currently trying their best to find homes for these unplanned, special crossbreeds. They might still be very young but their life has already been full of troubles. Their amazing mommy took great care of them, but she was unfortunately killed when they were only 3 weeks old.

These puppies (2 boys and 7 girls) are now 6 weeks old and in desperate need of their own loving permanent homes. They are happy, healthy and playful, and they enjoy their cuddles. We presume they might grow into medium size dogs. The puppies have been treated for fleas, and they were de-wormed and vaccinated. PetPals has an adoption form that needs to be completed.

For more info please contact Pet Pals on 021 854 6317 they are located in Strand.

November_Pup_2 November_Pup_7

Leslea Newman: Hachiko Waits


  "Hachiko embodies all the best qualities of a dog. He is loyal, brave, gentle, and childlike. Based on a true story from Japan, this is a beautiful tribute to a historic dog."

    Author: Leslea Newman
    Format: Hardcover
    Publication Date: October 2004
    ISBN: 9780805073362

    Price: R188 Buy Now


“What a good dog you are. What a fine dog you are. Hachi, you are the best dog in all of Japan.”

Professor Ueno speaks these words to his faithful dog before boarding the train to work every morning. And every afternoon, just before three o’clock, Hachi is at the train station to greet his beloved master. One day, the train arrives at the station without the professor. Hachi waits. So Hachiko waits. He waits for ten years. Not even the kind young boy known as Yasuo can persuade Hachiko to leave his post, and take shelter in a warm home. Soon Hachiko is known around the country, and the world, as the dog who never gave up on his owner's return.

Hachiko Waits is a novel inspired by a true story. Hachiko´s love to his owner moved the whole of Japan and had a big impact on how the Japanese treat their dogs and even a statue was build in his honour.


Leslea Newman is an author of children books and tells her version of the story in a way that is even appropriate for children to read. She uses short, memorable and emotional sentences, that are easy to understand for children, but adults will be touched just as much. 

Newman managed to make the characters in the novel walk straight into your heart, even though the book  is only 100 pages long.  

Hachiko Waits is a moving and absolutely touching book about a deep friendship, loyality and hope. Especially one dialogue is very significant, and everyone, who owns a dog, should keep it in mind:


“The woman reached out to stroke Hachi's fur again. "Hachi, you are a very good dog," she said to him. "And your master was a very good man."

Yasuo picked up Hachi's bowl and looked at the woman. "Did you know Professor Ueno?" he asked.

"No," the woman answered. "But it is clear to me that he was a fine man. That is why Hachi continues to hope and to wait. He remembers the kindness of his master."

Click here to buy "Hachiko Waits" from kalahari.com. With your purchase you support SA's shelter animals as a percentage is being donated to FurKidz.


P.E.T.S Cats

PETS is a non-profit, pro-active and pro-life animal rescue organization. They don’t wait for animals in need to come to them; but spend every free minute in the townships looking for animals in need of help.

Kitty_2 Kitty_5 Gingerr Kitty_14

This is just a small display of a few of the cats in P.E.T.S foster care. Click here to see all their FurKidz, dogs and cats, waiting for a forever home. Every animal is unique, and matches different types of people. There will definitely be the perfect one for you!

Tyra Sam Kitty_4 


Featured FurKidz: AWS Stellenbosch

amber_1 anna_3 anthony dora

The Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch was founded in 1956. Since this year they try to help homeless, stray and unwanted dogs and cats to find a new fur-ever home. If you are thinking of getting a new fluffy friend visit them and make one pet happier.

Before taking your new companion home, ask yourself: What does my dog needs to be happy? Here is an overview of the absolute basic things each dog needs:

1. Clean Water

A healthy dog/cat needs access to plenty of cold and clean water. Without a certain amount of fresh water your FurKidz will get ill. Unlike your dog's food consumption, you don't have to monitor your animal's water consume on a daily basis, he will generally drink enough to maintain a proper level of body fluids.

2. Quality Dog Food

Don't be niggardly with buying your dog's food because this is one of the most important decision you make and has a huge influence on your dog's healthand in turn your vet bills.

3. Physical & Mental Exercise

Just like humans, dogs need physical exercise, take your your dog for a walk at least once a day for an hour (depending on his age, medical condition etc.) or split it the walk up into various shorter trips. Try to find new areas to walk in and give your dog the opportunity to smell and see new things on a regular basis. Challenge them, they will love you for it. Teach them a trick, "hide" healthy and natural treats somewhere or play a game, so your dog has a task. Always remember: A tired dog is a happy dog.

james joey_4 petra storm_3

Just visit the the AWS Stellenbosch and they will help you to find your new furry friend!

Contact Info:

Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch
Devon Valley Rd
Western Cape

Featured FurKidz: AWS Helderberg Doggies

trouble ginger dusky

Lots and lots of adorable cats and dogs are waiting for you at the Animal Welfare Society Helderberg in Gordon's Bay. These 12 smily faces are just a few of the over 200 FurKidz longing for homes. Click on their picture to find out more about them, or click here to see all the FurKidz waiting for homes in Gordon's Bay. 

meldrum remus skype tessa2

For more information about one of these sweethearts, please call Julia on 082 725 4213 or the adoption office on 021 856 5549.

shani monty bandit


AWS Helderberg - A dog for everyone!

Chunky_1 Snoopy_1 Puppy_3_1 Sena_3

"Animals are not our whole life, but they make our lifes whole."

Have a look at those eight dogs of AWS Helderberg in Gordon's Bay. Aren't they adorable? So different in character, look, age and size. One of their over hundred dogs will definitely be the perfect match for you, no matter if you are a sporty, lazy, old or young person! This is just a small display of HAWS doggies, click here to see them all! They are just waiting for you to come and visit them and their friends!

Vienna_3 Molly_2 Bubbles_3 Morris_1


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