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Featured FurKidz: AWS Philippi

7011 7019 5025 IMG_6116

These wonderful Furkidz are all at the Animal Welfare in Philippi. All of them have been there for many weeks and long for a place to call home. The Animal Welfare of South Africa has been in existence since 1929 and has a brand new administrative building, houses a busy veterinary clinic and has well kept kennel facilities. The cattery is also new and many other ugrades are in progress. There is lots of greenery and large free run area`s for the doggies. So come and visit, don`t forget these FurKidz just because of their location!

Click here to see all of Philippi`s FurKidz still waiting for homes, browse through them, you will find all ages, sizes, breeds and colours! Please open your hearts and homes for them!

Call Marinda on 021 692 2626 for more information

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Featured FurKidz: Epping Furry Friends

Rhodi Pointi cream_puppy aska creamy

Animal Anti-Cruelty League of Epping has many new arrivals, all of whom you should come visit and meet. 

Why should you adopt a dog?

Because a dog will do his best to please you and keep you smiling. He will curl up with you when you are feeling down or need some serious relaxation. He won't hold your mistakes against you or prejudge you for your looks, faults or lack of know-how. He'll be your unconditional friend and will play ball with you as long as you wish. He'll forgive you for all your mistakes, never holding them against you later. Sleeping at your feet and loving to please you, he will enjoy just spending time with you. He'll do his best to protect you, because you will be his best friend for life!

Come find your furry companion and forever FurKid! Call Veronica or Lauren on 021 534 6426 for more information

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My Visit to Wetnose

riffels Irene kimara Mikkie

Yesterday was my first visit to the Wetnose Animal Rescue Center. I was positively surprised about the location, the surroundings and the shelter in general.

Wet Nose is located in Rayton, Gauteng. It takes around 30 minutes from Pretoria to the shelter and you can either take the tollroad or use the R104. There are a lot of sings on the way; so it's pretty easy to find. Once you have arrived at Wetnose, always say hi at the reception first.

Wetnose welcomes volunteers to walk their dogs, so take this opportunity and spend a couple of hours with their adorbale doggies. You will feel peaceful and satisfied after this day, knowing that you have enlighten the day of many shelter doggies and made them feel special and loved! Don't be afraid of the dogs, they might bounce and bark a lot, but that's just because they try to get attention and feel lonely in their kennels, once they are out and about they calm down and walk well on their leads.

The environment of Wetnose is really nice for a walk. They have a big grassy area where you can also find some rescued horses. And if you are ired after playing and walking with the doggies, you can relax on the many picnic benches under the tree, just bring some cold drinks and snacks. It's a perfect place for a one day trip and for a picnic.

(written by Cathrin - FurKidz Volunteer)

For further information, please contact Wetnose Rescue Centre directly on 013 932 3941, click here to see their many dogs and cats looking for homes and waiting to be walked!

Max Dezi pepper2 Madness

Handsome Harvey Needs a Home













  If you´re looking for the dog of your dreams look no further! Harvey is here! This 5 year old chow cross has perky ears and adoring  eyes, he´s got love to share but, sadly, no one to give it to. You see, while you and I look at Harvey and see nothing but a wonderful  dog, someone else thought differently.

 Once upon a time Harvey had a home, a family, but his owner was unkind and left Harvey to fend  for himself. All alone he survived for  6 months before he was discovered and brought to Wetnose. Harvey now has food in his belly and  a safe place to sleep. He´s warm,  he´s healthy. But Harvey knows there´s more to life than his kennel. He knows that his forever home  is out there, waiting. And  someone, someday, will stop by his kennel and fall in love.

Harvey deserves it, he loves people, he would never turn down a scratch behind the ears, and walks, he can hardly contain himself he loves walks! Harvey may not be a puppy, or a fancy breed, he knows these things. But what Harvey has is heart, he is a good dog who needs a family, one that will love him forever and never leave him behind.

Harvey stays at the Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre, please give them a call on 013 932 3941 or visit them in Rayton, Gauteng


Our Loyal Protectors: The White Shepherd

Polar dusty dakota chester

White Shepherds are very confident, fearless and clever animals who love being around their human families. They are friendly and love to please their owners. As long as you are as dedicated to training them as they are to pleasing you, you will have an amazingly lovable and obedient family dog that will be loyal to you their whole lives!

Although there is some skepticism, White Shepherds are direct descendants of German Shepherds and look very similar except for the coloring. Their coloring comes from a recessive gene that some German Shepherds carry. White shepherds are very courageous, confident and intelligent dogs. They are extremely faithful and brave and will do anything to protect their human families. Because of their protective instinct white shepherds need to be socialized very well from puppyhood so they get used to other people and animals being around them and their families. White Shepherds are one of the smartest and most trainable dog breeds, but don't respond well to harsh training.

White shepherds are herding dogs, they need to be exercised daily, whether it is a long brisk walk, jogging or running beside your bike. Playing ball and Frisbee are favorites of theirs, incorporating this into your walk is not only a good way to tire them out quicker but it gives them a purpose.

Why don't you check out the White shepherds that are currently in our shelters, come and meet Polar, Dusty, Dakota and Chester! You won't regret making one of these gorgeous animals part of your family.


Featured FurKidz: Active & Vivacious Dogs at DARG


There are many good reasons to adopt a dog!

One reason is that your new best friend will help you exercise. When you get a dog, you have to play with him or her, take them out for walks, and make sure they get their necessary exercise. Which means that YOU are getting your necessary exercise as well! So by adopting a dog, you will be improving your own health while you are taking care of your dog! Come to DARG Domestic Animal Rescue Group in Hout Bay and find your loyal companion for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The doggies above and below are only a handful of DARG dogs that are full of energy and are very playful! You will never be bored with these wonderful canines!

Stay healthy and have fun with your dogs!

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

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Imagine Life with a Well-Behaved Dog


 "I only wish I had read Julies book years ago.”

 Author: Julie A. Bjelland
 Format: Softcover, 256 Pages
 ISBN: 9780312598976
 Publication date: February 2010

 Price: R181  Buy Now


If you’re thinking about getting a dog out of a shelter, there are a few books that every dog owner should possess and read, and this is one of them. Mostly, dogs are treated like humans, allowing behaviour problems to develop. Bjelland tells you how to change your communication with your dog so that you will have 'stress-free, unconditional love for years to come. And all of us know that it takes time to learn new things. The age of the dog does not matter; you will see results after only a few weeks/months with this well-structured book full of tutorials. 

The training section is easy to read and the steps are broken down so that they are easy to follow and implement. The author offers online support, which is great for help with situations specific to you and your dog. There is also a kindle edition for e-Books; if you are on vacation, it is more comfortable.

“After rescuing a mostly chocolate lab I found out he was a problem dog at the shelter and would be more difficult to train than the Golden Retriever that I had before. [….] After about three months of work with Max using the techniques in the book he has become a much better companion and is well on his way to becoming a well behaved dog. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a well behaved dog.”

”She puts all of her hard work into this book for those who need help with their new puppy and/or older dog to train them to behave well”

”After about three months of work with Max using the techniques in the book he has become a much better companion and is well on his way to becoming a well behaved dog.”

“I was very nervous that my family and I would not be skilled enough to raise a happy healthy and well behaved dog. We had wheat on for 12 years that never had the proper training and made our lives very stressful. I only wish I had read Julies book years ago.” 


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