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AACL Epping: From Us To You

Dear animal-lover,

We are sending you this letter because you are our last chance to get out of the shelter and to become happy.

Shepherd tammy bonjo socks

We, that is Shepherd, Tammy, Bonjo, Socks and my other friends below, are all looking for a safe and warm home. We hope to find a family that can provide us with food, but most importantly, with lots of love and cuddles. It is really strenuous to sit in our kennels day in, day out and not knowing where our next scratch comes from. Please, come to the shelter, spend some time with us and get to know us! You won't regret it!! We can't wait to meet you!

BullmBoxer satara crunchie boerboelxlab

Yours sincerely,

The homeless doggies at AACL Epping

P.S.: If you like to check out who else is looking for a perfect family, click here or contact Veronica on 021 534 6426 for more information.


Featured FurKidz: TEARS - Animal Rescue

Simba webster4 Tessa Bianca

Located close to Cape Town, Tears Animal Rescue provides shelter to strays, unwanted and even confiscated dogs and cats, following the motto 'Where tears of sadness become tears of joy!"

Everything started in January 1999, when TEARS was founded by two friends of Emma Geary- Cooke. It was her vision and dream to open an animal welfare organisation, but she tragically died in a car accident two weeks before the opening. Her followers named the shelter in memory of Emma Geary-Cooke, The Emma Animal Rescue Society. Since then TEARS renders a huge service to the animal world, hundreds of animals have been rescued, supplied with food and human interaction, and finally rehomed.

To enrich the lives of their shelter dogs walking days were introduced at TEARS and the volunteer dog walkers meet every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  As any other animal shelter TEARsS is reliant on volunteers and everyone is warmly welcomed, so come and join in the walk.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact TEARS on 021 785 4482 or just pop by at the shelter in Fishoek.

Chanel Thandi Jet Hazel_new


Featured FurKidz @ Kitty and Puppy Haven

mars toto Billy toby

Oh please, take your time and have a look at these "havenly" puppies residing at Kitty and Puppy Haven in 271 Corlett Drive. 

chip panda doc lony nem

If you are looking to adopt a young cat or dog you will find your perfect match right there! For any further information about these stunning boys and girls, please contact Kitty and Puppy Haven on 011 440 2404, click here to see all their pups looking for homes!

cricket chewbakka teddy apllo


Featured FurKidz: FORA - Friends of rescued animals

bora SUltan tequila juliet

Located close to Johannesburg, FORA is one of the biggest animal shelters in Gauteng. More than four hundreds dogs and nearly 150 cats have a temporary shelter at the Friends of Rescued Animals' property. 

FORA's motto is "Endless hope, not a hopeless end!" and they do their best to achieve this goal!

While the animals are waiting for their forever home, the shelter management works hard to guarantee a livable stay for each animal. There is however a lot to do, so please come and help! Every volunteer is warmly welcomed and some of the kennels and runs are equipped with toys for the animals so you can play with them all day long, but they love it even more when you take them out for a walk outside of the enclosures. 

Please contact FORA for further information about volunteering and adopting on 072 413 5364.

k_43_3_025_Amigo_m_1 Bliksem_FD_0473 blueberry romeo



Featured FurKidz: Wetnose Doggies

Sky_f Bootsie_f_1 Jodie_f Shiven_m_9  

ARF! Hey, hello! Hello there! I am here! No,...please stay – hello, hello? Oh no. Could we not at least have given it a try? – But hey, there's someone new! And – can't believe it – yeah, just come in, be my guest!

Okay, showtime! Ready to rock, go for broke. Oh, that's a nice person. Fondles me, gives me some treats and we're taking a walk in the field. The Wetnose Animal Rescue Center, that is how they all call this place where I´m staying; it is a really tidy shelter with a big open field in the midst of trees and bushes. I love feeling the soft grass under my paws, sniffing all the interesting smells.

Over there I see that stupid black sausage dog, my arch enemy. He's so lordly, sniffing his long nose at all of us crossbreeds. But not now, I won't quarrel with him now.

And then we're going back, you and me, heading for the kennels. I'm slowing down, resisting as much as possible, you will have to drag me. No, please not, please! A big teardrop rolls down my snout.

But suddenly you pause and are talking to one of the clerks while stroking me. It takes a long time – and I'm so excited! May I stay with you? Yes? – Yes!!! I'm jumping into your car, so happy, barking joyfully. You really won't regret having adopted me!!! Written by Kathi Backa

Madness_m_4 Lee_m_2 Jessica_f_7 Lollipop_m_1


Featured FurKidz: Time to Russel up a Good Story

19277a 19588a 20709a 19332a

Think dogs are running on instinct only looking out for themselves? Think again.

A Moving Tale: On April 29, 2007 in New Zealand, a 9 year old Jack Russell named George gave his life to save five children in New Zealand from an attack by vicious fight dogs. The kids were walking home from the candy store accompanied by George when the fight dogs barraged and cornered them. Despite his clear disadvantage in both size and strength, George refused to let the dogs get to the children, charging, jumping on, and biting them. Sadly, George sustained fatal injuries from the encounter; however, his heroic efforts distracted the attack dogs and allowed the children to reach safety. George has since been awarded the 2009 PDSA Gold Medal and Britain's highest animal bravery honor (which had previously only been given to trained police dogs), given a Purple Heart from a US Vietnam veteran, and a statue has been erected in his memory. 

"That he weighed into a couple of dogs considerably larger than himself, clearly to protect a child, is just a most amazing act and needs to be recognized," animal protection society's chief executive, Robyn Kippenberger, told The Associated Press.

Primarily used as hunting dogs in the 1800s, rousing groundhog, badger, and fox from their dens, Jack Russell Terriers were bred for intelligence, agility, and (as the story above illustrates) bravery. Due to their strong hunting instinct, we would not recommend leaving your Jack Russell charge of your pet bunny, bird, or whatever other small creature you fancy.

Touting a soft, primarily white coat and hardy small body, Jack Russells can have tan, black or brown markings. These small warriors can live to over 15 years old, and they are generally less susceptible than many other breeds to disease and health problems. These dogs are highly trainable thanks to their keen sense of focus and drive, and they have been used in various movies and television shows (i.e. Wishbone). Common terms used to describe Jack Russells include cheerful, spirited, obedient, fearless, and playful.

While their small stature, 25-38cm, makes them a perfect fit in most any home, it is crucial that Jack Russells are exercised daily. These dogs are often very energetic, able to jump over 5 feet high, so they require frequent mental and physical stimulation so as to avoid boredom and the subsequent destructive behaviors they resort to entertain themselves. We recommend you find a large area where you can let your friend run and play with toys, but be sure to only allow them off lead once they are well-trained. Jack Russells will love any athletic activity; they were bred to work, so any task or game to occupy their keen minds will make your Jack Russell a happy pooch.

Because of their above average intelligence, it is important that Jack Russell owners make it clear to their new furry friends that the human is pack leader. Without efficient leadership and socialization, your Jack Russell will decide he is the bee’s knees and running the show! It is also imperative that all owners and their children know not to mistreat or tease a Jack Russell as these little guys don’t take abuse from anyone (no matter the size), and this can quickly lead to aggressive behavior. With an experienced, firm hand and healthy limitations, your FurKid will be a fantastic family member and upstanding canine citizen!

Some celebrities who have owned Jack Russells include Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey, Serena Williams, Paul McCartney, and Prince Charles.

The Jack Russell is a very popular breed, which is no surprise due to their naturally adorable and friendly nature; however, this leaves so many in disproportionately high numbers homeless. Many shelters are packed with these sweethearts and their crossbreed friends. So, if you are thinking about adopting a dog, or know someone who is, be sure check out the Jack Russell Terrier. It may well be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made and best friends you’ve ever had.

19290b 20675a_t 20718a 20471a


Featured FurKidz: Hartis Sweethearts

Buksie Orlandom2 Cookie clyde


Some of us are young
Some of us are older
Some of us are shy and scared
While some of us are bolder

Some of us are independent
Some need extra care
Some of us will greet new people
A few of us say 'beware!'

Some of us have tons of energy
Some of us prefer the couch
Some of us like kids pulling on us
Others of us would say 'ouch!'

Some of us are big and fluffy
Some are small and frail
Some of us would love go on a walk
And some will get the mail

Mugsym5Amy Marley BEar

We are all unique- us dogs and cats
A different path we roam
Many sizes, shapes, and colors
But we all want a loving home

We lost our families and wait at HAWS
For someone to come along
To take us home and call us family
We want a place to belong

In the meantime we wait and wonder
Out here in the dust and sun
"Who will be my new best friend?"
Perhaps you'll be the one...

Check out all the new animals at Haartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) and call Salome or Tania on 076 455 0322 to find out more about one of them!


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