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ADOPTED Friends, South Africans, Countrymen, lend me your ears! This is one of our most urgent plea's! Mia literally has a few more days find the pawfect home for her needs. This girl has faced disruption and several foster homes since her rescue in April 2012. We've figured her out and this is what Mia needs: A home where she is the only dog, but will get a chance to socialise with other animals under supervision (she adores to play but sometimes doesn't understand the fine line between a game and a fight). Or a home where there is another dog who she strikes up a friendship with and dog strong enough to withstand her playful strength. Mia needs a property where she can be kept apart from the other dog whilst no one is around. She needs a human companion who is home most the time and who will give her loads of exercise and good training. She needs fort knox security so she cannot scale the walls. She loves humans and children - and poses no risk to people whatsoever. Mia's hours are numbered. We need to find this home for her as a matter of urgency. Mia is fine around cats - just needs guidance not to chase, but she sleeps and cuddles with them. She is very obedient, intelligent and willing to learn. She is strong and energetic and her zest for life is contagious. Please bark out NOW if you can save Mia Belle.
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