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13 months to 3 years
Miniature Pinscher
I am desperately looking for a home for my two male dogs (details provided below). It has become rather crucial for me to find alternative accommodation for them as I am living in a complex and I had just lost my partner of seven years (he died this morning in Cape Town). I had a call from the SPCA and felt rather “sorry” for the dogs when the gentleman said “just bring them in and we’ll find a home for them”. My miniature pinscher went missing one day and just when we were about to lose hope, did we find him at the SPCA – probably two months after he had gone missing. He was extremely bewildered and barked non-stop. It took quite a while to pacify him. I would not want him/them to go back into that environment.

I would appreciate if you can help with finding them suitable accommodation as I desperately need them rehomed.

The owner would prefer they stay together, however we are aware that this is not possible.
Nemo is a 3 year old male Miniature Pinscher

He is good with kids and just wants to play with them. He is also okay with other dogs although he barks at them, the owner is sure he will warm up to them

No cats please

He is not scared of storms

Nemo is a very hyperactive dog, but listens when you speak to him, albeit for a short while.

It is as if he forgets very quickly what you scolded him about. I am unfortunately not knowledgeable to train him.

All these animals are still with their current owners or being looked after by someone. None of them are in shelters etc. They all have deadlines as most are victims of emigration / relocation to a non-pet establishment / downsizing / divorce / abandonment.

Strict home checks and an adoption fee apply

All these animals are considered integral parts of families and are expected to sleep indoors at night.

Puppies and kittens will have to be sterilised at 6 months of age, as per the adoption contract (sterilisation costs are included in the adoption fee).

For any information on any of the animals shown below please contact Trix4Animals@gmail.com
Please contact:
Trixie Osterloh


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