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Maggy ADOPTED (Homed / April 2013)

ADOPTED Looking for a clever and sprightly partner? This young and beautiful crossbreed is your girl...

Spotty ADOPTED (Homed / Sept 2013)

ADOPTED Such big eyes like buttons! Isn’t it a real cutie? This is Spotty, an about 10 month ol...
ADOPTED - Chicken

ADOPTED - Chicken (Homed / May 2013)

ADOPTED. The small 7 year old corgi lady “chicken” loves to be joined by her friend Elijah that ...
ADOPTED - Elijah

ADOPTED - Elijah (Homed / May 2013)

ADOPTED - Elijah is a 7 year old terrier cross and he is the most loyal and trusting dog I have ever...

Tyler ADOPTED (Homed / Feb 2014)

ADOPTED Don’t look so grumpy! I know that you’re a really sweetheart! This little a few mont...

Lona ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Joyful, agile and nosy - that’s Lona. She loves to play with her toys and she will be t...
Garofalo ADOPTED

Garofalo ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Nobody can resist Garofalo’s magic eyes! Pick him up and take him home, he will never l...

Vixo ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED With his white nose Vixo likes to explore his new home. He is friendly, loves to cuddle a...

ADOPTED Toffee (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED This friendly kitty is Toffee! He likes being stroked and to lay on your lap. So come to ...

ADOPTED Thomas (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Thomas is a briskly kitty who adores affection and kisses. He is looking forward to meet...
ADOPTED Kennel 81

ADOPTED Kennel 81 (Homed / April 2013)

ADOPTED Young male Labrador in Kennel 81. He's approx 13 months old. A gorgeous youngster just want...

ADOPTED Goldie (Homed / March 2013)

ADOPTED Please come in and meet these lovely furry babies. They are looking for a loving & caring f...

ADOPTED Lilly (Homed / March 2013)

ADOPTED LILLY is a female Labrador in kennel 78, owner could no longer take care so donated, good w...
ADOPTED Cromwell

ADOPTED Cromwell (Homed / March 2013)

ADOPTED This young Labrador is named 'Cromwell'. He is a one year old, male Labrador looking for a ...

Jessie ADOPTED (Homed / April 2013)

ADOPTED Jessie is a lovely Lab X, we estimate her to be roughly 9 months old. She is currently all ...

Duke ADOPTED (Homed / April 2013)

ADOPTED Duke is a male, neutered purebreed 3½ year old yellow Labrador. He is sterilised and micro...

ADOPTED Gidget (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Did you say play? I love playing and cuddling with my human friends. I am 10 weeks old an...

Mona ( / Cats)

Did you ever see such a cute cat like him? Mona is waiting for a new loving forever home. He is va...
Rosie and Lilly ADOPTED

Rosie and Lilly ADOPTED (Homed / April 2013)

ADOPTED Lily and Rosie turned four in December. They are spayed and all their vacs are up to date i...
Nameless (2) ADOPTED

Nameless (2) ADOPTED (Homed / April 2013)

ADOPTED Yellow male about 3 years old. Face quite scarred. Found as a stray. Very friendly boy with...

ADOPTED Phoebie (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED This cute girl and her brother are 7 weeks old . I would love if they can get a home tog...

ADOPTED Charlie (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Isn’t this little boy just lovely?!? This cute kitten and his sister are 7 weeks old ....

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