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ADOPTED Rocky (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED ROCKY – is soon to be re-named. She is the mom of the Carpet Pups. Rocky spent her days ...
Pebbles - ADOPTED

Pebbles - ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED PEBBLES was handed over to a volunteer by a bergie who no longer wanted her. She was very ...

Kenny (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED KENNY – This terrier”rific” little guy was the merchandise of a homeless person who fa...

Bella (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED BELLA is a 2 year old sterilized female Pittbull x Ridgeback (possibly). She is 2 years old ...
Daxie X Pups

Daxie X Pups (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED Daxie X Pups 2 males left.. Animal Rescue & Rehome Foundation (ARRF) Cell: 0827841872 o...

ADOPTED - Demi (Homed / Feb 2013)

ADOPTED - DEMI ... as cute as a button … female kitten of (+-) 3 months old. A strict home chec...

Joey ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Joey is a 8 month old Chow Cross boy....
Archie and Woogie Bear

Archie and Woogie Bear (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED ARCHIE and WOOGIE BEAR: 2 x Daxie X Boytjies who are now +- 5 months old and VERY CUTE!! ...

Gabe (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED GABE was hit by a car in Soweto and left for dead. He has been through a lot of rehabilitati...

Lucy ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Lucy is a 2 years old Lab Cross girl....

Goofy (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED GOOFY is a 1 year old sterilised male Pittbull x Boerboel (possibly). GOOFY loves to play (B...
JR Boys

JR Boys (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED Two cute and lively boys. Aged: 3 - 4 years. Their “owner” passed away :-( A strict h...

Luke ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED No this is Luke he is a Terrier X male about 2 years old, he was brought in unwanted wi...

Spirit (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED SPIRIT was found in a boiler room at the SAP College. She had 4 pups and took care of them a...

Sarah ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Sarah our Alsation X girl who has been waiting for adoption at the clinic for 4 months!...

Toughie (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED TOUGHIE (“Marmaduke”) is a 5 year old Africanus sterilized male. He LOVES his people and...

Malika ADOPTED (Homed / June 2013)

ADOPTED Meet Malika, she was rescued by CLAW because her owner had tied a rubber band around he...

Oscar (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED OSCAR (The Basset): Oscar is +-5 months old, a gentle boy and very well socialized. A ...

Tinker ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Meet Tinker our Doberman X girl!! She is about 1 1/2 years old, great with people and...

Willow ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Our Willow!!! She is an Austrailian Sherpherd X girl - very alpha female!! She likes to...

Mary-Jo ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Mary - Jo is still at CLAW!! Our Borderline collie, she has grown up with us, she came ...

Scraggs ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Meet Scraggs he was rescued by CLAW after his owner had passed away. He was found next ...

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