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ADOPTED BUMPY (FOURWAYS) (Homed / June 2012)

ADOPTED Bumpy was brought into the vets as a stray. He is currently in kennels and the ladies there...

ADOPTED BOLO (FOURWAYS) (Homed / July 2012)

ADOPTED This gorgeous boy is still at Stellenbosch Animal Welfare. He is a really lovely dog with a...

ADOPTED Alice (FOURWAYS) (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Alice is a black female and is just over 2 years old. She loves to cuddle and likes lots of ...

ADOPTED Cooper (FOURWAYS) (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Cooper is yellow male and is 23 months old. Cooper is madly in love with any ball, and doesn...

ADOPTED Kayla (FOURWAYS) (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Kayla is a gorgeous sweet girl. She is currently in kennels and the ladies there say she is ...

ADOPTED Kayleigh (FOURWAYS) (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Kayleigh is a beautiful 3 year old female Labbie looking for a home. Although she is quite d...

Munich ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Munich is just over 2 and half years old and needs to find a home by end October. This vet ...
Scara & Poppy ADOPTED

Scara & Poppy ADOPTED (Homed / Feb 2013)

ADOPTED Scara is a Black Labrador female and Poppy is a female Jack Russell. They are both 7 years...
ADOPTED Shalvana

ADOPTED Shalvana (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED Shalvana is an 18 month old female who is good with other dogs and children. She has been s...

Hugo ADOPTED (Homed / Nov 2012)

ADOPTED Hugo is a chocolate neutered male. He is a big dog and is very independent Ally is a yellow...

Ally ADOPTED (Homed / Nov 2012)

ADOPTED Hugo is a chocolate neutered male. He is a big dog and is very independent Ally is a yellow...
ADOPTED Colby (Fourways)

ADOPTED Colby (Fourways) (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED This beautiful young male, found as stray and now in foster care until he finds a home. He...
ADOPTED Charlie (Fourways)

ADOPTED Charlie (Fourways) (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED Charlie is an 18 month old purebred Labrador. He is an only dog, but is a very gentle dog w...
Lady (Fourways - Johannesburg) ADOPTED

Lady (Fourways - Johannesburg) ADOPTED (Homed / Feb 2013)

ADOPTED Lady is a 4 year old black Labrador who was taken from a backyard breeder who has bred her...
Monty (Fourways) ADOPTED

Monty (Fourways) ADOPTED (Homed / June 2013)

ADOPTED Monty is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. He is neutered and is vet book is up to date. Mo...
Lilli Mae (Fourways) ADOPTED

Lilli Mae (Fourways) ADOPTED (Homed / June 2013)

ADOPTED Lilli Mae is still a pup at 1 years old. She is a Lab x Sharpei. She likes other dogs, b...

Shadow ADOPTED (Homed / July 2013)

ADOPTED Shadow is a 12 year old male. He is not sterilized. He is a very sweet and loveable boy who...

Dexter ADOPTED (Homed / Sept 2013)

Dexter is a very busy boy approx. 2 years old. He is NOT good with other dogs. Children and cats un...

Jock ADOPTED (Homed / March 2014)

ADOPTED Jock is a 7 year old neutered male. He is very good with children. He has not lived with...

Tyson ADOPTED (Homed / Sept 2013)

ADOPTED Tyson is about 18 months old and is a big strong boy. He is fine with other dogs but cats...

ADOPTED Luther (Homed / April 2014)

ADOPTED Luther is gorgeous. He is about 4 and has a bit of Chow in there – his tail curls and ...

ADOPTED Roxy (Homed / April 2014)

ADOPTED Roxy is about 4 and is a very pretty girl. She is quite shy and is not good on lead. Ver...

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