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James ( / Dogs)

James was knocked over by a car and his leg was broken but he will recover beautifully and is so sw...

Lucus ( / Dogs)

Michell could not resist picking up this boy in Elsie’s River. He has severe mange but with treatm...

Topsy ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Topsy was found by the local vet running in the street. He rescued her and we believe her b...
Codey Fox Terrier Cross ADOPTED

Codey Fox Terrier Cross ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Codey is an adorable active boy looking for a home. He is adorable and only 7 months old, s...
Jack and Jill ADOPTED

Jack and Jill ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Jack and Jill were rescued at a spayathon and were the most scared dogs we have ever met. T...
Lamberts Boy 1 ADOPTED

Lamberts Boy 1 ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED This boy does not have a home. He lives on the streets in Lamberts Bay and we need to get h...
Lamberts Boy 2 ADOPTED

Lamberts Boy 2 ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED This little man is not wanted by his owners and they clearly have no interest in looking af...

Buddy ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Buddy was found in Tokai hanging around in the vicinity of our adoption day. No one has cla...

Chippa ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Chippa was owned by people who loved him but after defending his owner to a stranger who ca...

Kylie ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Kylie has been dropped off at the vet – apparently found roaming the streets - she is ver...

ADOPTED - Troy (Homed / Feb 2013)

ADOPTED - Troy was kicked by his owner and his leg was broken in two places. He will recover with 6 ...

ADOPTED Kitty (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Kitty is such a cuddly scruffy girl. She is the sweetest thing and truly deserves a loving h...

ADOPTED Nelly (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Nelly is super cute and cuddly. You will not regret taking her home!...

Marble ADOPTED (Homed / August 2012)

Marble has the cutest perky ears and is really cuddly and playful. You will love him! Give him the w...
Fluffy Puppy ADOPTED

Fluffy Puppy ADOPTED (Homed / August 2012)

This fluffy puppy is very cuddly and playful. She is super adorable and you will not regret taking h...

Spoon ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Spoon is a very cute little Jack Russell X with one brown eye and one blue eye. He is very c...

ADOPTED Manny (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Manny is such an adorable and cuddly dog. He is quite mellow and quiet, especially for his y...

Rover ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Rover is a very sweet little dog. He is super cuddly and playful. You will not regret taking...

ADOPTED Coco (Homed / Sept 2012)

ADOPTED Coco is a very energetic and playful little girl. She craves attention and will be an excell...

Felix ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Felix was born in 2008 and has been rescued in October 2009. He is a very gentle natured an...

ADOPTED Fred (Homed / August 2012)

ADOPTED Fred is a really cute Basset Hound who you will not regret taking home. He unfortunately doe...

ADOPTED Tyler (Homed / Sept 2012)

ADOPTED Tyler is such a cutie! If you want to have a super friendly, affectionate and active dog jus...

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