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FurKidz Overview
FD 0044

FD 0044 ( / Dogs)

This fox terrier cross is lovely and sweet. She needs someone to look after her. Please come and vis...
Camp 8, Jack Russell x, male

Camp 8, Jack Russell x, male ( / Dogs)

This is a truly gorgeous jack russell cross. he is going to make someone very happy...
Camp 8, Fox Terrier x, female

Camp 8, Fox Terrier x, female ( / Dogs)

This cute fox terrier cross is looking for the loving home she deserves...
Camp 7, Crossbreed, male, red

Camp 7, Crossbreed, male, red ( / Dogs)

This super friendly boy would love to find a good home where he will get all the attention he deserv...
Camp 7 cream small

Camp 7 cream small ( / Dogs)

This sweetheart just melts your heart. she is looking for a new home....
Camp 7, Crossbreed, female, cream

Camp 7, Crossbreed, female, cream ( / Dogs)

This sweet fluffy girl is waiting to meet you!...
Camp 6, Africanis, male, cream

Camp 6, Africanis, male, cream ( / Dogs)

This boy is a playful happy dog. he would be a great part of any family!...
FD 0035

FD 0035 ( / Dogs)

This loveable black lab x just melts your heart. come and meet her!...
Camp 5 , Africanis, male, red

Camp 5 , Africanis, male, red ( / Dogs)

This beautiful Africanis is looking for his new forever home. please come visit him....

JACK ( / Dogs)

Jack is a small/medium-sized, 3 year old, tan and white Jack Russell, Bull Terrier cross. He was con...

TESSA ( / Dogs)

Tessa is a medium-sized, 1.5 year old, black with white Border Collie cross. She was an unwanted pet...

INCA ( / Dogs)

Inca is a medium-sized, 1.5 year old, tan with black Shar Pei cross. She belonged to a family who co...

BEN ( / Dogs)

Ben is a medium-sized, 2.5 year old, chocolate with white Pitbull. He was rescued after being found ...

VILAPHI ( / Dogs)

Vilaphi is a medium-sized, 4 year old, tan crossbreed. She was rescued with her companion, Bobby, af...

Dino ( / Dogs)

Sadly we are looking for a new home, with other dogs, for our 2 1/2 year old Black & Tan Long Haired...

Clover ( / Dogs)

Everyone meet Clover – Clover meet everyone! This lovely little wire haired Irish Terrier was resc...
Vashti lab x

Vashti lab x ( / Dogs)

This special little girl will just melt your heart with her cuteness. she would like so much to find...
Girlie jack russell cross

Girlie jack russell cross ( / Dogs)

This beautiful little jack russell cross has the sweetest sparkly eyes and would very much like some...
Gabriel coliie cross

Gabriel coliie cross ( / Dogs)

Gabriel is the cutest playful dog. he really wants to find his forever home and he would love lots o...

Charlie ( / Dogs)

charlie is looking for a new home and someone to take care of him. he is very playful and energetic....
Nikita 1

Nikita 1 ( / Dogs)

Nikita was rescued in Brackenfell. She is a lovely dog. She has a beautiful personality and would ma...
Molly - Africanis Cross

Molly - Africanis Cross ( / Dogs)

Gets along with all dogs, not sure about cats....

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