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FD 0384

FD 0384 ( / Dogs)

This little 7 years old girl is one of the most darling dogs you will ever meet and also one of the ...
FD 0190

FD 0190 ( / Dogs)

Isn’t everyone addicted to food? No? Of course, this doggie is! This white and brown adorable Jack...
FD 0392

FD 0392 ( / Dogs)

This doggie is such an adorable 4yrs old Foxi X girl. She loves playing with people as well as other...
FD 0028

FD 0028 ( / Dogs)

Do you love calm and relaxed doggies? Then we will proudly present you to this handsome boy! He is a...
FD 0357

FD 0357 ( / Dogs)

Have a look at this super sweet fluffy 3 year old Collie X girl. She always waiting to go out. If yo...
FD 0311

FD 0311 ( / Dogs)

This girl knows how to work her magic on you! This cute lady might be a with shy in the beginning bu...
Small Breed Camp B, Dachshund x, male

Small Breed Camp B, Dachshund x, male ( / Dogs)

This handsome boy is a beautiful Dachshund cross with black and tan, shiny fur. He will need a warm ...
FD 0517

FD 0517 ( / Dogs)

Look at THIS eyes! You are looking at his ears? Umm yeah they a “big”, but there for he can hear...
FD 0312

FD 0312 ( / Dogs)

This doggie is a very special boy. He may not look like the greatest dog on first sight, but that is...
FD 0319

FD 0319 ( / Dogs)

The sweetest little Dachshund girl! She is super friendly and gentle! She will never turn down the o...
Small Breed Camp C, Crossbreed, female

Small Breed Camp C, Crossbreed, female ( / Dogs)

A plane? A paraglider? No! It’s a dog!! But don’t let you lead astray of this, because this girl...
FD 0324

FD 0324 ( / Dogs)

This doggie is not shy at all, only in front of the camera! Which is really not necessary, because s...
Missing Border Collie

Missing Border Collie ( / Dogs)

Diesel is missing, he is a 6 year old border collie, he has been neutered and is wearing a Rogz coll...
FD 0335

FD 0335 ( / Dogs)

This spotty girlis one of the nicest dogs in the shelter. She is living together with a lot of other...
FD 0507

FD 0507 ( / Dogs)

Have you ever seen the move “101 Dalmatians”? Then let me introduce you to Dalmatian number 102,...
FD 0315

FD 0315 ( / Dogs)

This dog will be as loyal and trusting to you as Sir Lancelot was to King Arthur back in the days! T...
Small Breed Camp C, Jack Russel, male

Small Breed Camp C, Jack Russel, male ( / Dogs)

Looking for a sweetheart? Not sure? Well, I would rather recommend this friend of mine to be honest ...
FD 0323

FD 0323 ( / Dogs)

With her big ears, this doggie can hear people visiting the shelter immediately. Every time she hope...

Riva ( / Dogs)

Riva is one of four 4 months old puppys, and wants like her three siblings a nice home where she can...

Charlene ( / Dogs)

Hey, it's me Charlene. I'm about 4 months old and such a cute puppy! Don't let me wait too long. Com...

Rose ( / Dogs)

Hey, I'm Rose. I'm only about 4 months old. Please give me and my siblings a lovely home....

Mila ( / Dogs)

Hello, my name is Mila. I am the biggest girl from our litter, please take me home!...

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