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FurKidz Overview
Puppy Trio

Puppy Trio ( / Dogs)

There 3 of these cute female puppies who are needing homes. They are about 4 months old and are very...
6 Puppies from Missy

6 Puppies from Missy ( / Dogs)

In the litter of 6, there are 4 males and 2 females. These pups were born on 18 August. All have di...

Missy ( / Dogs)

Meet Missy, the mom of 6 beautiful puppies. She is about a year old and a happy and friendly dog. Af...

Holly ( / Dogs)

Holly is a confident female about 6 months old. Loves to jump and is certainly on the go. She was an...

Clio ( / Dogs)

This is Clio, a sweet and friendly female puppy about 3 months old. Small breed. She is tiny but con...

Bonji ( / Dogs)

This is "Bonji", a 5 month old male Alsatian X puppy. He is still growing and loves to receive lots ...

Oreo ( / Dogs)

Look at small "Oreo", a 3 year old Daschund X. Oreo has been neutered and is very lovable. He would ...

Rocky ( / Dogs)

Introducing Rocky. He is 3 - 4 years old male Labrador X and has recently been neutered. He would ma...

Sassi ( / Dogs)

Meet beautiful "Sassi", a small female dog. She is about 10 months old and has recently been sterili...

Please help! ( / Dogs)

I have mad a special little bond with this female with a bit and tanned colour a colour I have alway...

Whisky ( / Dogs)

Whiskey came to us from one of the vets where the owners had dropped her off for treatment as she ha...
Puppies 2

Puppies 2 ( / Dogs)

These pups where unwanted and came out of the township. The bigger one, aka Squeaky two, is a lovely...
Puppies 1

Puppies 1 ( / Dogs)

These pups where handed to us as the people could not care for them. They are super dogs, and would ...

Wallace ( / Dogs)

Wallace's mother came to us from Sweethome, and had her pups with us. Wallace was born here and this...

Suzi ( / Dogs)

Suzi came to us for HAW, where she was on death row. She is a super sweet dog, who loves people and ...

Stripe ( / Dogs)

Stripe comes to us from HAW, where she was on death row. She is a super girl, a little shy when she ...

Morne ( / Dogs)

Morne was found wondering along a farm road and brought to us. He is super sweet, loves people and i...

Mitchell ( / Dogs)

Mitchell was found wondering around in Mitchell's Plein with nowhere to go. He was rescued Vanessa a...
Lulu 2

Lulu 2 ( / Dogs)

Lulu was brought in by FAW, her family had moved away and just left her to fend for herself. She is ...

Lila ( / Dogs)

Lila came to us from HAW (Hermnaus Animal Welfare), she is a super friendly girl who is very confide...

Kristy ( / Dogs)

Kristy came to us from HAW where she was on death row. She a lovely friendly girl who loves to inter...

Cody ( / Dogs)

Cody was adopted out as a pup and then returned to us because he was too high energy for the family....

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