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FurKidz Overview
Kennel 22, German Sheperd x, male, 5 years old

Kennel 22, German Sheperd x, male, 5 years old ( / Dogs)

If you want to start a diet, this doggie is the perfect match for you. He needs to lose some pound a...
FD 0081

FD 0081 ( / Dogs)

This little Collie Cross lady is waiting sweet and lovely in kennel 19 for you to visit her. The 3 y...
FD 0104

FD 0104 ( / Dogs)

The funky brown guy must have had really bad experiences – otherwise he wouldn`t be so scared of p...
FD 0106

FD 0106 ( / Dogs)

This cute German Shepherd Cross is so friendly, she loves people and is a happy curious girl. 2,5 ye...
FD 0440

FD 0440 ( / Dogs)

This doggie is a real beagle baby. This lady has a beautiful black and tan fur with a cute white ta...
FD 0442

FD 0442 ( / Dogs)

This doggie is a sporty girl that is very curious and friendly. Her fur has a lovely brindle colorin...
FD 0437

FD 0437 ( / Dogs)

Look at the funny little legs of this boy! This cute little dog is a very charming guy that likes pe...
FD 0215

FD 0215 ( / Dogs)

Don’t you just love the pretty, tricolored face of this girl? This doggie is an interested little ...
FD 0223

FD 0223 ( / Dogs)

This super happy Terrier X really deserves a new home! He's a lapdog, sweet and absolutely adorable!...
FD 0211

FD 0211 ( / Dogs)

This labby x is a real cutie! She is easy to handle and loves affection and is very energetic. She i...
FD 0057

FD 0057 ( / Dogs)

Have a look on this pretty brindle boy. He has cute white paws and chest. Please come and meet him i...
FD 0242

FD 0242 ( / Dogs)

Hello People! I'm the cutest Collie X zou have ever seen! I'm a very happy and cuddly one, so you wo...
FD 0129

FD 0129 ( / Dogs)

Such a lovely dog! This adorable munchkin is about 3 years old and a German Shepard X. He is curious...
FD 0132

FD 0132 ( / Dogs)

This dog is a beautiful German Shepard X and about 3 years old. She is such a cuddly and friendly la...
FD 0130

FD 0130 ( / Dogs)

Hello! I am a 3 years old German Shepard X. I am a calm and friendly dog. One of my favourite hobbie...
FD 0133

FD 0133 ( / Dogs)

Hey everybody!!! I am a cute little Jack Russel x boy and I am about 3 years old. I am a very friend...
FD 0097

FD 0097 ( / Dogs)

Hey, what`s the news? With this 2 year-old crossed Skipper, you`re never bored. The active and energ...
FD 0098

FD 0098 ( / Dogs)

This calm Jack Russel Cross is a calm companion. In fact he`s a bit shy, but so cuddly! This cutie ...
FD 0082

FD 0082 ( / Dogs)

I`m a bit like a latin dancer – I`m wild and I love to give kisses. I`m also very curious and will...
FD 0083

FD 0083 ( / Dogs)

Watch me! I`m jumping and playing and would love to be your happy little girl! My parents were one a...
FD 0086

FD 0086 ( / Dogs)

The 3,5 year-old Foxi Cross must have been hit in his before-shelter-life, because he doesn`t like t...
FD 0232

FD 0232 ( / Dogs)

This doggie is a gentle lady that is super cute and adorable. She is calm and relaxed and she will n...

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