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FurKidz Overview
FD 0390

FD 0390 ( / Dogs)

This super cute old lady is a Bloodhound Foxi X and would love to spent her last years in a calm hou...
FD 0367

FD 0367 ( / Dogs)

Look at those laaarge pointy ears that belong to this cute doggie! Like a Bat or something like that...
FD 0388

FD 0388 ( / Dogs)

This super sweet four years old Daxi X is super gentle, loves to get attention and still needs to fi...
FD 0524

FD 0524 ( / Dogs)

Yes I know, I'm special. Why? Because I am, that's it! Want to prove that? Ok, just come to meet me ...
FD 0355

FD 0355 ( / Dogs)

Bounce, bounce... can you see me? This cutie-pie is a lovely Lab X girl she is about two years old,...
FD 0528

FD 0528 ( / Dogs)

Oh my god! Look at this cutie-pie. Isn't he the sweetest thing you have ever seen since your last ch...
FD 0526

FD 0526 ( / Dogs)

This buddy has a lot of fur! He is very happy with it anyway. Because it makes people want to cuddly...
FD 0496

FD 0496 ( / Dogs)

White/Brown cookie looking for cute people! Do you like sweets? Enjoying life as me? Then let's team...
FD 0363

FD 0363 ( / Dogs)

Have you ever seen such an adorable Daxi X girl! This cutie-pie is about three years old and such a ...
Teagarden, Crossbreed, female

Teagarden, Crossbreed, female ( / Dogs)

This good-looking girl is a real darling. She can’t get enough cuddles and loves human interaction...
Small Breed Camp F, Crossbreed, male

Small Breed Camp F, Crossbreed, male ( / Dogs)

Special doggy needs special owners! Cute brindle Cross is scared so he needs a experienced owner whi...
FD 0491

FD 0491 ( / Dogs)

Caramel colored lady is looking for a new forever home where she can spend some "lazy sundays". This...
FD 0530

FD 0530 ( / Dogs)

This Jack Russell girl has a very special color! Is it white or is it cream? Well, she is very proud...
FD 0534

FD 0534 ( / Dogs)

This is a special Jack Russel X. She has a beautiful fur color and a very adorable character. She do...
FD 0494

FD 0494 ( / Dogs)

Looks a little bit like a soccer referee our little friend here or what do you think? But she defini...
FD 0451

FD 0451 ( / Dogs)

This super cute girl is a Foxi crossy and has a wonderful fur color. She would proudly like to be yo...
FD 0525

FD 0525 ( / Dogs)

Don’t you just love little Dachshunds! They are quite special with their own personality and look!...
FD 0529

FD 0529 ( / Dogs)

This little funny boy would love to meet you! He is a optimistic Jack Russell that tries to make the...
Adoption Office, Daxi x, male

Adoption Office, Daxi x, male ( / Dogs)

This funny friend is a Dachshund crossy. He would love to have a home where he can live his life lik...
FD 0398

FD 0398 ( / Dogs)

This doggie is a friendly and affectionate dog, who loves to just sit and cuddle. He is about 9 year...
FD 0300

FD 0300 ( / Dogs)

Look at this funny guy! With his little age of 1 year he’s a very active and exploradive JR x Foxi...
FD 0384

FD 0384 ( / Dogs)

This little 7 years old girl is one of the most darling dogs you will ever meet and also one of the ...

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