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ADOPTED Harley (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED Harley thinks he is as tough as a Harley Davidson. But he is still a super sweet 7 months ol...

ADOPTED Havoc (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED Havoc is all you can expect from a puppy: very playful, energetic and off course very sweet!...

ADOPTED Wesley (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED I may not be as rich as prince William, but I am definitely as handsome! We do have the same...

ADOPTED Jill (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED Independent cutie pie still waiting for a new forever home! Jill is a four months old Africa...

William ADOPTED (Homed / March 2013)

ADOPTED Take a look into these beautiful eyes. Wesley is a very friendly, energetic pup that loves t...
ADOPTED Africanis puppy, Pup kennel 6

ADOPTED Africanis puppy, Pup kennel 6 (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED Why am I wearing a pink lead with flowers? They thought it would look cute, but I think it i...

Jack ADOPTED (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED What to say about Jack? He is a super sweet and energetic Africanis. He is about four months...
ADOPTED Brindle puppy 1 (pup kennel 6)

ADOPTED Brindle puppy 1 (pup kennel 6) (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED Is this a little puppy or a baby tiger? What a cool stripes does he has! This boy is very pr...
ADOPTED Brindle puppy 2 (pup kennel 6)

ADOPTED Brindle puppy 2 (pup kennel 6) (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED His ears are almost too big for his little puppy head! This friendly Africanis boy would lov...

Willem ADOPTED (Homed / March 2013)

ADOPTED Willem might be a „only dog“ and prefers to be without other dogs, but he loves kids, is...

ADOPTED Adele (Homed / Feb 2013)

ADOPTED Lady Adele is truly a real lady. After a little warm up she is sooo cuddly and just can’t ...

Milly ADOPTED (Homed / March 2014)

ADOPTED Hey you over there! It’s me, Milly! Ummmm you want to go walk me? Ummm ok I’ll give ...

ADOPTED Pilot (Homed / Sept 2013)

ADOPTED Hahahaha imagine this little boy in a plane flying around?!? Can’t get the pictures out...

ADOPTED Zita (Homed / Dec 2012)

I am curious! About what? Well.. I think everything! I love to sniff around and explore the world. E...

ADOPTED Lucien (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED Lucien’s past wasn’t always fun. Found as a stray, adorable Lucien is waiting for a new ...

Asjas (Homed / Dec 2012)

ADOPTED Asjas is such a pretty St. Bernard. She is about 1 ½ years old. She loves to go out for a ...

ADOPTED Lorina (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED Look at this cutie-pie, with his neat eyes 1.5 years old Africanes Lorina gets you within a ...

Patsy ADOPTED (Homed / Feb 2013)

ADOPTED Play! Play! Run! Run! And then another time playing! This is what I want. I’m a very activ...
Male kitty 1 ADOPTED

Male kitty 1 ADOPTED (Homed / Oct 2012)

ADOPTED Very young male kitty with beautiful ginger fur!...
Male kitty 2 ADOPTED

Male kitty 2 ADOPTED (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED Adorable boy kitty with ginger colored fur!...
Male kitty 3 ADOPTED

Male kitty 3 ADOPTED (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED Young male kitty with cute blue eyes up for adoption!...
Female kitty 1 ADOPTED

Female kitty 1 ADOPTED (Homed / Jan 2013)

ADOPTED Cute female kitty with grey tabby fur and a hint of cream on her little face!...

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