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  • Hi. This has been a busy week for me with dogs driving their neighbours barking mad. First of all the law of the 6 minute barking has not been passed yet. Secondly, the complainant has to prove that it is your dogs that are barking. They have to keep a log for about 2 weeks stating when YOUR dogs were barking to the extent of causing a noise problem, not just when your dogs bark. The law does realise that dogs bark. That is their job. But the barking needs to be limited. What I would do if I was you is keep a log book on your activities, stating when you are home, and when no one is home, and when you are home if they bark a lot or not. Barking is one of my specialities as I have developed quite a clever means to stop the barking and it has been very successful. But I need to do a session at your home. I would also get letters from your other neighbours stating that your dogs have NEVER been a problem. But do not fret too much, the law has to give you notification of a complaint but you do not have to pay the fine unless it is proved that your dogs are barking. Also, no one, except a magistrate can remove your dogs, not even the law enforcement officers as this is theft. Please be advised that on points of law I have obtained advice from law enforcement so you may want to confirm all of this with your lawyer.
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
  • Thank you so much Bernice! I got into contact with DARG yesterday as well and Mia recommended that i get into contact with you. It was a happy co-incidence that it turned out to be you on this site...thank you again for your advice and will come back to you with setting up a session for my foxies.
    Have a lovely long weekend...
    Answered by Justinaclaire - 4 Years ago

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