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  • Hi. I remember when that happened. Is she still with Jess? We need to teach her social etiquette, which really is possible! It would really be better for us to do a session but you can try the following. You need to start off with some leash work and get her walking nicely next to you. She should not pull but walk calmly at your side. Start working on her recall. When both these are perfected go for a long walk and then when she is tired, go to a dog park and do a bit of recall training. Because of her breed, use some yummy chicken as recall rewards. Make sure you are calm and every couple of minutes call her back or if just a change in your direction makes her follow you, just change direction. When she goes up to a dog calmly, reward her with a "good girl". Continue in a calm manner, especially if she bounds over to another dog, try not to show that you are worried. Just change direction or call her back to you. Hopefully, having perfected the recall, you should not have a problem. She is a high energy dog and needs to have a lot of calming training. Please give me a shout so that I can also ask a couple of questions. 0798837566
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
  • Thank you Bernice, I will contact you.
    Answered by Carina du Preez - 4 Years ago

    Carina du Preez
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