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  • Hi Sarah. You definately are describing separation anxiety.
    Unfortunately, seperation anxiety is one of the toughest behaviour problems to sort out as it really can take a couple of weeks, and even then, may still not get sorted out. Firstly you need to let your pooch know that he is not the pack leader. If a dog thinks they are, then, when you go out, they stress over the fact that a member of there pack is not there and they cannot look after you. Changing the rank in your pack is also not a difficult thing to do. You must make sure that when feeding your pooch, you pretend to eat out of his bowl, pretend the food tastes yukky, then spit it out, and give it to him... if he does not finish it, lift up the bowl so that he cannot come back and graze, showing him that the pack leader eats first and only leaves the leftovers for the lower members of the pack. Try to walk through exits and entrances first... the first one throught the door is the pack leader. When your pooch comes up to you to ask you for attention, cross your arms and look away, the minute he is sitting calmly give him as much love or more, but on your terms. I am not asking you to love your pooch any less, just to give him love at the correct time. On arriving home, ignore your pooch, say hello to all the other humans in the house first, and only when he is sitting calmly, greet him, calmly. When peole come to visit, tell them to ignore him, say hello to all of you first, and then, once again, when he is sitting calmly, they can great him, calmly. You want most of your interactions with your pooch to be calm, so that when you do leave the home, he is not in a hyped up state, and so that your comings and goings become quite boring to him. When you leave the house, do not say goodbye, but give him a yummy bone to chew on, the minute you return, take the bone away, so that he starts enjoying you being away because he associates it with something nice. Try taking him for a long walk before you are going out for a long period of time. Leave him in a room with the radio on, preferably some boring talk show, not any loud rave music, so that he feels safe. Give him a couple of rescue tablets before you go out. Get a kong toy, and filly it with some pets mince and rice, put it in the freezer, give it to him when you leave the house and he will spend ages trying to get the food out, hopefully exhausting him. Over the next couple of weeks, go out about 3 or 4 times a day, starting with 15 min, increasing the time, so that he gets used to it. Try all of the above, and if you don't come right, give me a call. Once you have sorted out this problem I suggest getting a friend for him, as dogs are pack animals, and thats why he hates being on his own.
    You Can even try getting him a friend straight away and do the above at the same time. Also, if he has got husky in him you need to walk him for a minimum of an hour a day and even try take him sledging. It will do him the world of good. Keep us posted.
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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