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  • Hi. Now for the front door. It sounds like your pooch sees the other side of the door as disney land, a place that she is only allowed out for adventures. Go to the front door with her, open the door, the minute she tries to run out, close the door quickly in her face, making sure you do not hurt her, a little knock on the nose is ok as its better than a knock of a car. Repeat this excercise as long as it takes for her to realise the door is not going to open for her, that it only opens for the pack leader, you, and you have to invite her out. Put a long line on her in case she gets through the door so that you have some sort of hold on her. Do this excercise about 3 or 4 or 20 times a day, so that soon when the door is open she will just sit there. Also do it when someone is on the other side, or you go on the other side and do the excercise with you on the one side. When she has "got" this, open the door, again having the long line on her and stand about a metre away, the minute she tries to come out of the door tell her "ah ah" sharply but do not shout at her. Reward her with a treat or a "good girl" as she remains in the house. When she has "got" this move further and further away until she starts to show no interest. Give her about a week on being consistent and she should stop the running. You also need to make sure that she knows you are the pack leader so that she is the follower and you are the leader.

    Next the house training. NEVER shout or smack her when she does it inside otherwise it may become an attention seeking problem. If she does it inside clean it up with toilet paper and take this and put it where you want her to do her toilet. Dogs like to sniff around for where their last deposit was. Clean up the area inside with surgical spirits and make sure you do not use anything with amonia in it as this smells like a dogs toilet. Take her outside every couple of hours and when she does it outside give a treat and say good girl. Completely ignore her if she does it inside. If you are consistant with this for at least 6 weeks you should sort them problem out. If not, give me a shout. 0798837566.
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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