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  • Hi. This is such a difficult one as we need to find out why she is jumping over the fence. When does it happen. Is there a trigger at all? When it started what exactly happened. Is there perhaps a dog that she runs too or someone who is feeding her? Sorry about all the questions and if it would be easier to call me please do so... 0798837566
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
  • Hi Bernice, thanks for your reply.

    she usually does it just before sunrise or just after sunset. the neighbours are farm workers so im sure they dont feed her. they have dogs there but whenever i go to fetch her she is not with the dogs, just wandering around their garden or in the land by their house. she doesnt do it every day so i cant think of a trigger - she has the same routine every day. the first time was late at night - nothing unusual happened at home, i called her and she ran to the gate to be let back in, now i call and sometimes she comes and sometimes she doesnt, i hope that helps will try and answer any questions as best i can. all the best
    Answered by Laura Mc Ilrath - 4 Years ago

    Laura Mc Ilrath
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