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  • Firstly, have you tried to leave him with another dog? Dogs are pack animals and stress when they are all on there own. It sounds as if he is suffering from seperation anxiety which is one of the hardest behaviour problems to sort out and definately not a quick fix. You need to start of slowly as you say you have, but never say goodbye to him and never say hello to him when you come back. You can greet him when he is sitting calmly. Try to leave him with something yummy to chew on, there is a good chance that if he is so stressed he will not eat the bone or rawhide. Try to give him about 5 rescue tablets 20 minutes before you go out. Go out for about 10 minutes, and increase the times that you go out by 5 minutes everytime. He needs to realise that you always do come back. Never shout at him for damaging the curtains or if he does any other damage. Can he see out of the property? If not, maybe give him some way to see out so that he does not feel so closed off. If all the above does not work give me a call on 0798837566. Good luck!
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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