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  • Hi. Large breed dogs like retrievers should not be excercised too much at such a young age because of there bones. Chat to your vet about how much excercise he recommends. For me morning and late afternoon is always a good time to walk a dog, and never after feeding, especially again, large breed dogs. Please sms me the area you live in and I will send you recommendations of puppy daycare which you can take your pooches to a few times a week so that they can play. I suggest you give them a sandpit or digging area. Use white building sand so that they do not make too much of a mess and put some yummy bones and there toys in it to entice them to dig. When they dig elsewhere, NEVER shout at them or smack them as this will just make the problems worse. Put there poo in the hole to deter them from digging in that specific spot. If you catch them in the act, take them to there digging patch. Your pooches are bored, so digging is a nice form of entertainment. Try to walk them before you leave for work in the morning. Good Luck!
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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