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  • Hi. It sounds as if your pooch has seperation anxiety which is one of the hardest behaviour problems to sort out. Firstly, starting today, go out as often as you can, for very short periods of time. When you leave, do not say goodbye, drive around the block, and come home. Do not say hello and do not look for any damage she may have incurred. If you do spot some digging, do not shout or smack her as this will make her more anxious and will make her dig even more. Every hour, pack up and pretend to go out, make the times away 5 minutes longer every time. Leave her with a yummb bone to chew on and when you come back pick up the bone. You will have to do this for at least 3 to 6 weeks without reacting to any damage she may have done. She needs to learn that the world does not come to an end when you go out. She also needs to learn that you will not be cross with her everytime you come home. Also consider giving her a sandpit area where you can put some white building sand in with a couple of her toys and bones. Reward her for digging in this area and place her poos in the holes she must not dig in. Good luck!
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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