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  • Hi. Please do not give her back to the rescue. Am sure she is just suffering from anxiety which can take a while to sort out. The MOST important thing to do is NEVER shout or smack her when she does chew. All that she remembers is either whenever you come home you are cross with her so she chews to relieve the anxiety of you coming home angry or she gets attention from you for doing it so it becomes an attention seeking behaviour. Make sure she has a good walk before she is left on her own. Leave her with yummy bones or rawhides. Consider doggy daycare a few times a week if she is on her own. You can sms me for a daycare in your area. 0798837566.

    With regards her house training NEVER shout or smack her for doing it in the wrong place. Clean up with surgical spirits and don't use anything with ammonia as this smells like a dogs toilet and will make her toilet there all the time. Show her where to toilet and give her a reward when she does it in the correct place. Take her to the toilet first thing in the morning and after meals. You must understand if she was in a shelter she possibly toileted in the same place she lived. PLEASE be patient with her and thanks for giving a rescue dog a home.
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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