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  • Hello Pinky"s Parents. I see you have 2 three year olds in the house now, so good luck and enjoy the ride. What often happens is a child will rev puppy up and you will have 2 manic puppies running around your house. What you want to teach your 3 year old, and I am not sure that it will be that easy, is to ignore Pinky when she is in a hectic state. The minute she is calm your daughter can play calmly with her, but unfortunately if puppy becomes hyper and bites and nips, your daughter possibly is hyper too or becomes hyper and starts screaming at the biting and nipping. Both your child and Pinky need to learn that play sessions together are only going to happen if they are both calm. They are both feeding off each others energy and you want that energy to be calm energy. With regards the house training, try not to play with puppy when she is outside during toilet time. Most puppies go outside and play and when they come inside they suddenly realise that they have to pee. Do not shout or smack her for doing it in the house. Clean it up with roller towel and take it outside and put it where you want her to toilet. Dogs like to smell where their last deposit was. Clean up the area afterwards with surgical spirits and then when you clean the floor use Sunlight liquid. Do not use anything with amonia in it as that will smell like Pinky's toilet. When she does her toileting outside give her lots of love and rewards. She will soon learn that it is worthwhile to toilet outside. Good luck!
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 5 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
  • Hi Bernice,
    Pinky is actualy 2 months old and jade our daughter is 3 years old.
    Its not only when they play that she bits and nips, she does it with us too. She can sit calm and quitely one minute and then just start to bite and nip us the next when we want to scratch her and pat her.
    She has started to learn the "Sit' command quite well but the next moment she would just "go wild".
    Is it a lack of training or would you recommend we take her to puppy school? yes, it is quite difficult to teach a 3 year old that she cant play with her puppy because she bites her the whole time, we try and get her to just stand up and say "No biting" and then ignore her, however that seems not to help and she just keeps on biting.....
    We previously had to find other homes for our 2 Jack Russels as they were quite jumpy and nippy to and Jade could not play with them as well. We hoped that getting a puppy that she can grow up with would help and she could play with her.....Please help....
    Sincerely Pinkys parents
    Answered by cornet - 5 Years ago

  • Hi. I am so sorry about the late response but we have been experiencing difficulties with our site and I have not been receiving notification when people have responded to my questions. Please can you call me on 0798837566 or sms me your landline no so that we can chat. I do not charge for this. Looking forward to your call.
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 4 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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