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  • Hi. This is an easy problem to sort out as long as you are consistant with the training. No form of punishment should be used in an attempt to control this behaviour as this can cause attention-seeking behaviour, so completely ignore when they make a mistake. Clean up the mess with toilet paper and take the toilet paper to the place where you want them to do there business and leave it there (push it in the grass or put a stone on it) A dog will always go and smell around for where there last deposit is.

    In cleaning up use sunlight liquid to clean, followed by a liberal spray of surgical spirits which will kill all remnants of the scent. You can also use 1 part mint scented rubbing oil to 2 parts water.

    Remember that they would much prefer to toilet on grass and this will encourage them to do so.

    When teaching your Dog to toilet on the grass the easiest way is to wait until he has finished eating then casually observe while they urinate or defecate on the grass and when they finish reward with a favourite titbit or toy.

    The dog is a creature of memory and after a few repetitions of this exercise they will quickly learn that it is a good idea to have you around when they feel the need to release there bowls which causes you to give them the reward that they enjoy.

    Then to teach them to relive themselves on the same spot keep putting the last deposit back in the same place.

    Dogs always look for the last spot they toileted to see if anyone has left a message or to update there own this in turn will cause the dog to alert you when they have to relieve themselves avoiding any further accidents. Good luck.
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 5 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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