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  • Hi. Firstly, and most important, you need to have him sterilised as soon as possible. 6 months is the perfect age to do it as he is just starting to reach sexual maturity and you will find their is less chance of him running away from you once he has been sterilised. It is also so muck kinder as they can smell bitches on heat a long way off which drives them crazy. You need to teach your pooch recall. Get some really yummy treats, maybe some roast chicken or biltong, something that has a very high reward value. Start off in your garden. Call his name, get down on your haunches and open your arms up widely, As he is running towards you say "good boy", when he comes to you, grab his collar and give him a treat. The reason you grab his coller is that most people do not often do this and the minute a dog sees a human hand looming over their head they run away so you want to follow the grabbing with the treat so that your pooch has only good associations of this. As soon as he gets this little excercise make the distance further and further apart. Then hide behind a tree and call him, grabbing his collar and giving him a treat. Once he has this you do not need to give him a treat everytime... a reward can be a neck rub or just a "good boy". Then take him to a field where you feel secure he cannot get to a road and call him to you, get down on your haunches, open up your arms wide, grab his collar and give him a treat. Do this about 20 times during your walk and if you are consistent he should be great with recall after a couple of days. Unfortunately most people only call their dogs back to them when the play is over or when the dogs are in trouble so the pooch thinks, I aint going back to her cos I am going to get into trouble or she is going to take me home. Also, if you call your pooch back to you and he does not come back straight away, NEVER get cross with him because that is what he will remember the next time you call him and he will not come back to you as easily. Enjoy them. And remember, now is the best time to introduce your puppy to as many different types of dogs, people, noises etc as possible, you do not have much time to do this so go to as many dog parks as possible, puppy socialising, places where their are children, cats, anything you would like them to get used to, let them get used to them now.
    Answered by Bernice Jaffe - 5 Years ago
    Bernice Jaffe
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