Rufus Teddy monkey Ambrose Inferno

Imagine losing your home and your shelter too...A really awful thought, isn't it? So many cats and dogs are in this situation now at Kitty and Puppy Haven. The plan of the shelter organizers was to relocate to new premises, but this plan has so far unfortunately failed. However there is still a little bit of hope left, this hope is to find a new home for each of those sweet cats and dogs before the end of February.

So if you could give your heart a little push, it would be great! Maybe you are just searching for a new friend; please have a look at all those lovely cats and dogs in the Kitty & Puppy Haven. Especially the cats and dogs that aren't kittens and puppies any more as they urgently need a new home where they can spend the rest of their lives.

Have a look at all the adorable cats and dogs here, so that they can find a new home until the 28th of February!