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Lots of dogs and cats are waiting in shelters, hoping to find a new loving home. Some of them just weren't the perfect Christmas gift, others got rescued out of horrible living conditions, but most of them never felt love or got the chance to build up confidence towards humans.

Thanks to the shelters, like H.A.W.S, unwanted and mistreated animals get a second chance of living.

Some FurKidz easily find happy new homes, but what happens with the other dogs and cats?

Some dogs are staying in shelters for months, waiting for the right person to arrive.

Imagine being an unwanted shelter dog, seeing all your friends finding a new family, getting the chance to run around in a big garden and to cuddle on the couch with their new owners.

People are passing by your cage, you are trying to get their attention, but no one turns around.

How long could you deal with such conditions?

At H.A.W.S shelter dogs get the chance to play around in small gardens once a day.

They don't have to starve or fight for their food, but none of them is special, they all might have names, but in the end every dog is just one more place less in the shelter. Shelters like Haws are only temporary solutions.

You can't be loved behind bars.

Help us to find new loving homes for our shelter dogs and come down to visit H.A.W.S. and click here to see all their adorable cats and dogs.

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