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So young and already homeless: This is the situation of all the puppies at the ARK Animal Centre. Imagine how it is to grow up in a shelter. Nobody wants that.

The ARK animal centre is a shelter especially for rescued little puppies. Some of them are only a few weeks old, but some are already there for months. They get almost everything they need: medical treatments, food and a place to live – but what the little doggies really miss is love and a caring home.

There are about 70 little sweethearts who are waiting for a new family where they can grow up and spend the rest of their lives with. They are mostly found at the street side, lost and all alone.

Please take a little of your time and visit the ARK animal centre. You will instantly fall in love with all those sweet puppies! And maybe you will find your new best friend! Click here to see all ARK's pups waiting for homes.

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