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Huskies are the type of dogs that most people would like to have, they are exotic, very beautiful, smart and friendly. But, you should not forget that they are also very demanding!

One very important point of owning a Husky is that you will have to exercise him, let him run, do some sport! A slow 30 minutes walk around the block every day is NOT enough, a real workout is required to keep your Husky happy!

By nature Huskies are very active dogs, always remember that they are originally sled dogs! That's why Huskies usually live better in cold countries, but there are so many Shelter Huskies in sunny SA, who need a home, so you don't need to feel bad about owning a Husky, as long as you are adopt!

Do not be surprised if your Husky loses a huge amount of his fur during summer, it is completely normal and he will need to be brushed once or even a few times a day during this period. Please be aware that the shedding is unfortunately one of the main reasons why Huskies get abandoned.

Huskies are hound dogs, so if you have other dogs at home, that would be perfect. Loneliness is probably one of the worst things that could happen to a Husky.

Be a consistent "hound-leader" and you will have a happy, obedient Husky. Do not allow something one day and then forbid it a week later (vice-versa), if you are not coherent in your decision, every dog – not only Huskies - will get confused and make up their own mind.

If you think you can fulfill these requirements of a Husky, adopt today, the Huskies featured in this article are only a handful of dogs waiting for a new home! Click here to see even more!

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