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There are a few important questions you should ask yourself before adopting a dog. When you consider them not much can go wrong:

1. Make sure that you like dogs and can handle them. If you have children make sure that they like dogs too and are not afraid of them or are allergic against dog hair.

2. Ask yourself if you have enough time for a dog, because you have to take a dog for walks usually 3 times a day (and still at least one time, even if you have a large garden), you have to pay lots of attention especially in the beginning and help your dog to settle in and give him lots of love and affection. Do you have a garden or some space where your dog can be active and play during the day? Is there and area in your surroundings, where you can take your dog out for walks?

3. You have to consider what you are going to do with your dog, if you want to go on holidays. Do you have a reliable caretaker for the dog or are you able to take your dog with you on holidays?

4. Keep the costs of owning a dog in mind, you have to pay a lot for a pet, especially for veterinary expenses, for dog food, toys, bedding etc.

5. Before you are going to adopt a dog you have to find out if your landlord/body corporate allows to keep a dog in your flat or house?

6. Remember that a dog needs time to get to know you and your family member, so take as much time as possible to get to know the dog and meet him a few times before you decide to adopt him and take him home. This will make sure that he fits in with your family and lifestyle. One of the most heartbreaking things that happen to shelter dogs on a regular basis is to be taken home to a loving family just to be returned a few days/weeks/months later. 

If you have questions about one of the FurKidz featured in this article, get in touch with the shelter Wetnose Animal Rescue Center, just dial Phone: 013 932 3941 or 013 932 3946.

Please make sure that you are prepared for the responsibility of owning a dog!

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