Your dog has run away again and you can not find him? You would not have had to face this unfortunate situation if you had bought a GPS dog tracking collar.GPS dog tracking is a new system introduced to help you track your pets so that they do not get lost or even if they get lost you can find them with ease. GPS dog collars are the best equipments to locate your lost pets.

Not all GPS dog collars are the same. All of them do not work properly. Some of them work both inside the house and outside while some do not work indoors. Some can track your pet within 1mile whereas some can do it up to a range of 10 miles in every direction. Some collars cost quite a number of dollars as they come with more improved facilities while some are reasonable.

Two of the most important dog tracking devices are the RoamEO dog tracking collar and the Garmin Astro GPS dog collar.

The GPS tracking collar named RoamEO uses MURS band at 154.60MHz as modem and thus does not use cell phones. This means you can use this in any place on earth where there is no cell coverage. So you do not have to pay any monthly fees as well. It has the ability to track 3 pets at a time and it can locate your pet within a radius of 1 mile in every direction.

The other GPS tracking collar named Garmin Astro use VHF radio signals instead of cell phones. It has a handheld GPS device and a transmitter called DC20. After every 5 seconds the DC20 transmits your dog's location in the Map page of the GPS device in your hand. It can locate 10 dogs at one time and can locate your dog within a radius of 5 miles.

The PuPPOD GPS dog tracking collar is an efficient dog tracking system and is much affordable. PETSAFE dog tracking collars are also available in the market which will alert you by sending emails when your pet runs away.

But GPS dog collars should not be confused with dog microchips which can not locate your pet. They can only identify your pet. Micro chips contain the owner's name, address, phone number and also the Vet's contact details. So if your pet is lost and anyone finds it, your pet can be identified and returned to you. To activate the chip you just have to register your name with a micro chip company.

Thus GPS dog collars are the best safety equipments for dog lovers who do not want to lose their dogs. So if you own a pet dog you should have GPS dog collar.

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