Before you get a kitten, you should be prepared for the responsibility that you are taking on. A kitten is not disposable you cannot just get rid of it if the cat becomes a problem on your lifestyle. You are responsible for caring of your cat for its entire life. No cat is perfect they will all have accidents on your carpet till they learn how to use the litter pan and claw on your favorite sofa or chair if left unattended.

It is your responsibility to watch the cat and to properly train him or her. There is no Bad Cats, but there are inexperienced pet owners that fail their pet by not properly training there cat. The cat or kitten should not be penalized for your lacking the skills. If you are not an experienced pet owner, you should talk to cat owners so you can learn what is needed, and you can learn how to teach. Pets can not learn everything they need to know in just one day training your pet is a constant process, and it is your responsibility.

You will also need to figure out just where you are going to get your cat from. If you have made the decision and you are set on getting a purebred kitten, you should check out a good breeder. They also do health checks on their kittens before they are bred them. These health checks test for problems that may affect their kittens. You may want to go to a purebred cat rescue group of your breed of cat. Note: Rescue cats or even kittens are not bad cats. They are kittens that were purchased by irresponsible owners who had no idea and did not understand the kind of responsibility they were taking on.

Some of the kittens were neglected; mistreated, or turned over to the rescue group because of their owners moving, having children, etc. Rescue groups evaluate each cat carefully and make sure they are suitable to be with you and your lifestyle. A rescue group will not let you adopt a kitten from them unless they feel you are a right match with the cat. When you get a Rescue cat they will already be spayed or neutered when you get them, and have up to date shots.

You can also get your cat from your local shelter. Getting a cat or a kitten from a shelter is very similar to getting one from a rescue group. They will already be spayed or neutered or you will receive a coupon to get it done for free. They will be up to date on their shots.

A Backyard Breeder is someone who breeds their pets that have not even had health screens to check for problems that some breeds have, and there kittens are not titled (registered) in anything. With a cat from this type of breeder, typically you will run into health problems during your kitten's life, and you may also have a temper issues as well. Sure these kittens may be cheaper to purchase, but trust me on this one you will be paying more in the long run. A pet store is the absolute worst place you can get a pet. If you are at all sensitive about mistreatment of animals, please do not read any further.

Some pet shops get their kittens through a pet mill. A pet mill is a facility that keeps their cats in small cages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cats are left to lie in their own feces; they are fed cheaply mixed in dry cat food. They are bred every time she comes into season and they receive little if any vet care during their lives whatsoever. When the female cats are no longer able to breed they are beaten to death or even drown. Purchasing a pet from an out of way pet shop keeps this process going. If we can all stop buying kittens from these shops, they will no longer supply them.

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