Bread_tags    Have you often heard about people saving bread tags, but you haven't the foggiest why they save them?? Well, I recently had the privilege to listen to a most interesting talk on the value of bread tags.

The delightful lady who has made it her passion to collect these tags is Mary Honeybun (and does she live up to her name!!). Small collection boxes are placed at many outlets, encouraging people to deposit their tags therein. Mary then collects the tags, sorts through them and cleans the dirty ones (yes, not all are clean – some are covered in jam or butter or other sticky substances). After that laborious task they are weighed and put into I kilogram bags (+- 2828 tags). Read more...

A re-cycling business in Johannesburg then buys them and processes them, the end product being, amongst other things, seedling trays, photo frames, coat hangers, cornices and garden furniture. Mind boggling! The sale of 50 kilogram of tags (which equates to 141400 tags) will generate enough money to secure a wheelchair via Rotary, for a needy person. Now who would have believed that!

To date this enterprising lady, Mary, has gathered enough tags to buy 39 wheelchairs. If we do the math, 5,515,600 tags have been collected, sorted, weighed and packed, this over a four year period. Nothing short of remarkable!

Please support Mary in her quest to help people with disabilities by saving your bread tags and/or requesting a box where people can place them. TEARS support Mary by having a tag collection box at their office and all charity shops. So please bring your tags in and TEARS will ensure that Mary gets them. Mary Honeybun can be contacted on 021 789 1831.

Source: TEARS Animal Matters Volume 8 No.3