I'm Bernice Jaffe, trained Animal Behaviourist and animal lover in general.

My approach is one of recognizing the pack theory. I will assist both you and your dog to acknowledge each family member's specific position within the pack. This helps family members relate to their dogs and dogs to relate to their family members.

Sometimes you may not know exactly what the problem is and I will help you narrow down the root cause of the bad behaviour. Every owner needs to understand that there is no such thing as a bad dog, just an owner who doesn't know any better.

You may think your pet is destructive, when in actual fact he's just bored. You may think your pet is noisy, when in fact he just lacks stimulation.

I am constantly impressed in how dogs have the ability to make changes in very short periods of time. Their trusting nature means that they are always open to the idea that you, the owner, will take more control and show more leadership.

My job is to comfortably facilitate these changes, and guide you through the process. I will show you the safe, calm, humane way to resolve your dog's behavioural problems so that you can create a space for living harmoniously together.

I get a great personal reward from my work and can talk dogs for hours, so please feel free to ask your questions. It's my passion and gives me endless joy to see families engaging with their dogs in a loving and successful way.