Please read our Listing Rules and Term of Use before posting your FurKidz. By posting your animal on our website you agree to the terms and conditions set out therein.

Follow the below steps to add your FurKidz to our website:

1. You need to be registered to post your FurKidz, so please login with your username and password or register

2. Once logged in, you will find a tab called "FurKidz" in your profile. It is located under your avatar, click the FurKidz tab and choose "New Ad" (top row).

3. Now you just need to key in the animals details. When it comes to breeds, please choose the one that comes closest, if the mix is too colourful to determine, use the option crossbreed.

4. The first picture you upload will be the one people see in the ad overview, so always choose the best one for this position (in case you have more than one).

We hope that your FurKid will find a good home soon!