We have 3 cats (2 youngsters & an old 23 yr old) plus an 11 yr old border collie mix who all lived happily together, then last year we got a 7 month female Rottweiler and realised that we got someone else's problem. She has fitted into the 'family' but it's been a challenging year. When we got her, she never responded to her name, living on a farm with no fence she would disappear for hours...

In Chewing/Digging/Destructiveness - Asked by Pegasus


As big and beautiful as your property is its really not big and exciting enough for your teenager pooch who needs to be taken out at least once a day for a good hours walk. You will definately find that most of your problems will be sorted out once she gets out on a regular basis. Dogs often dig up plants that have just been put into the ground because they... Read more

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