puppy_restaurant   By Linda Harding / The Squashed Tomato  

We all know the look – the one that your dog puts on when he knows you're going out and he isn't coming with. The large, searching eyes, the droopy tail, the sigh and the sulky sashay back to his bed. In fact, dogs are quite brilliant at emotional blackmail. They pack your bags for you and send you on a terrible guilt trip with just one sad look. If you know what I am talking about, then you'll also know how much worse you feel when you're leaving to go and enjoy a hearty meal at a restaurant. Your dog seems to know this as well and will instantly shun whatever kibbles are in the dish for his dinner, whether you've been kind enough to add some tasty toppings or not. Something just is not fair. Read more...


Lately, I have noticed a lot more dogs at restaurants and I think it's fabulous. Most restaurants with outdoor seating are more than happy to accommodate your four-legged dining companion, provided that both he and you are well-behaved. Most offer water bowls to quench his thirst, but I find that simply asking for one will always lead to the provision of some sort of dish. Some restaurants even encourage dogs, offering doggie menus that cater to your pooch's every culinary desire. I've compiled a handy list of dog-friendly eateries that is sure to make life easier for you the next time you're out and about with your best friend. Just remember to book for two!


Do you know of a restaurant that is dog friendly and not yet on our list? Let us know!

Cape Town
A Touch of Madness
The Boer & Brit
Blue Peter
Blue Water Café at Imhoff Farm
Café Paradiso
Knead (Wembley Square)
La Vie
Ons Huisie
Red Herring
Sinns Restaurant
The Food Barn
Vida E Caffé (Wembley Square)
Vineyard Terrace at Devon Valley Hotel

Dombeya (Stellenbosch)
Restaurant Mangiare at Capelands (Somerset West)

Europa Coffee Shop and Restaurant
The Oak & Vigne Café

West Coast
Die Strandloper (Langebaan)
Oep ve Koep (Paternoster)

Doppio Zero (Greenside)
Fratelli's Pizzeria (Greenside)
Moyo (Zoo Lake)
Salvation Café
Tasha's (Melrose Arch)
Thunder Gun Steakhouse
Walkhaven Dog Park

Arts Café
The Oyster Box Hotel
Waves Pub and Restaurant

Dog-friendly shopping malls
Eden on the Bay (Cape Town)
Wembley Square (Cape Town)
Melrose Arch (Johannesburg)

Do you know of a restaurant that is dog friendly and not yet on our list? Let us know!


#1 2013-08-16 12:10
To add to your list - Maria's in Dunkley Square, and Lazari. Maria's will bring your dog a raw marrow bone, and Lazari also dishes out dog treats, depending on who is on duty!