dog_eating   Read what Paul Jacobson a Pet Food Nutritionist, qualified chef and owner of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition says: 

The question as to whether you consider your dog to be a wolf or a domesticated dog is a very important one, and the answer should prescribe to you the diet that would be ideal for your dog. The consequences of inferior or incorrect diet are important and will affect the Dogs behavior as well as their general well-being, health and longevity. So, where did the canine as we know it today evolve from? Read more...

Many believe that our beloved "Fido" is a descendent from the Wolf, and therefore need to eat only raw meat, raw bones, rawhide etc.


Scientists however, have confirmed that our furry friend could not have descended from the wolf as there are too many different genetic sequences for this to be possible - 26 to be exact. They propose that it is possible that our canine friends could have descended from the dingo, jackal, fox, or even a coyote.

If this were the case, then the canine would have been more of a scavenger and would have been less dependent on raw meat as a primary protein source, (this product having been eaten already by the more aggressive predators)

In 1868 Darwin wrote of Dogs and the genus canine: "We shall probably never be able to ascertain their origin with certainty." This was of course long before DNA sequencing.

The one thing we do know for certain is that regardless of where they originated from, research has shown that domesticated dogs have been eating cooked food for well over 15 000 years.

Historically our pets have been fed table scraps and stolen tidbits and their metabolism has adapted to accommodate the variation. Our dogs can no longer digest copious amounts of raw meat and actually prefer a diet that is rich in vegetables and nutritional pulses, together with reasonable quantities of quality meat.

In fact, the Chow evolved to be almost vegetarian in nature, after been fed only grains and veggies by the Tibetans. Its whole physiological make has changed over the centuries to metabolize a diet rich in vegetables and quality grains.

The abstract discussion as to whether they evolved from a wolf or dingo is of no real consequence at all. The same analogy could be made with humans aspiring to a diet that apes eat - nuts, fruits, grass, etc. As humans we certainly could not maintain ourselves on such a diet. Thus the same is true for our Dogs, who over thousands of years have evolved to eat a balanced home prepared diet, very similar to what we eat.

Judging by their loyalty, commitment, love and affection it is very evident that we are no longer dealing with a Wolf or Dingo but rather a domesticated companion and friend. We have a responsibility to protect them from harm and assure them of basic humane rights and that includes a diet that is appropriate, safe and free of dangerous preservatives.

Your dog will be happier and healthier.