cremora3  My name is Cremora and I have a story to tell!!

I come from Macassar and was "dumped" at the Animal Welfare in Gordon's Bay with my friend, a staffie. One day, my "friend" and another staffie got excited over someone showing them food at the camp gate and they turned on the nearest object – which was ME!!! Read more...



I was literally ripped to shreds by them, but staff and volunteers said that if I could be stitched and was not going to suffer, I deserved a fighting chance. I was looked after during my recovery by a WONDERFUL lady in Gordon's Bay called Thea. She has also since had me sterilised. As much as Thea would love to keep me, her commitments make it not possible. THANK YOU, 'FOSTER MUMMY' you have been marvellous!!

I'm not good with cats, but I am otherwise the sweetest, gentlest (somewhat nervous) little girl. I am also very alert and a good "watch dog" – my foster mummy says so!! Please, can someone find it in their hearts to give me my "forever" home!! I really don't want to go back to the kennel. It's cold and wet there now and although everyone tries their best, I just know I won't survive for long.


 Thank you for reading my story,



 Please call Julia on 082 725 4213 if you can help me!