Sillery_20   By Linda Harding / The Squashed Tomato

There's nothing dogs like more than to go along in the car or bakkie. They love sticking their heads out of the window and feeling the wind in their ears, tongues lolling out, while their tails wag excitedly behind them. Have you ever paid any attention to how your pooch gets in and out of the car, however? Read more...

No matter the size of your dog, jumping in and out of a car can have long-term negative effects on their joints. As gravity would have it, the bigger the dog, the worse the effect – so, if you consider a German Shepherd leaping in and out of a bakkie, with all of that pressure on his knees and hips, he is likely to suffer from horrible joint problems later on in his life. What about elderly dogs? They simply cannot be expected to jump in and out of vehicles, and most owners have a difficult time trying to lift their dogs to help them get into or out of a vehicle – not an easy task if you're trying to lift a 40kg dog!

PetSTEP International Inc. is a manufacturer of lightweight, easy-to-use ramps for helping your dogs get into and out of your vehicle with ease. The larger folding ramps are perfect for bakkies, which are higher off the ground, and fold away easily to be stored in the back of the bakkie itself. The HalfSTEP ramp, which is half the size, is great for cars and lower-suspension vehicles. The soft, non-slip rubber ridged surface of the ramp is gentle on paws and makes sure that your best friend has the safest route into and out of your vehicle. These ramps, although light and compact, can hold any sized dog, making them perfect for both your Pekingese and your Great Dane! What's more, they can also be used in the home, laid out across a staircase, which is great for elderly dogs that need to use the stairs to get to and from wherever they need to go.

Your pet's health and comfort should be your number one priority – remember, just because dogs are able to jump doesn't mean it's good for them in the long-run. Rather invest in a ramp and ensure that they are always happy and comfortable, long into their old age!

PetSTEP ramps are currently only available outside of South Africa, but are easily imported.