noodle3 By The Squashed Tomato

This is going to be a short entry, as I am so busy playing outside! My mommy brought me through to spend the week with Granny and Grandpa, and their FIVE dogs, so I have been kept thoroughly entertained and hardly get a second to myself!

I absolutely love all of my new brothers and sisters. Bonny is the eldest, at 12 years, and she is a purebred German Shepherd. She thinks she is my mommy, and spends all day showing me around and licking me until I look like I fell in the pool! Heathcliff, 6 years old, is a little shorter than me and the alpha male in the pack – my grandparents rescued him as a 6 week old puppy, who was being thrown like a tennis ball by a group of street children. Next, we have Toby, a 17 month old purebred German Shepherd. I was most nervous of him, as he still think's he is a puppy, even though he is massive! It's quite daunting when a huge dog comes bearing down on you, but we are now the best of friends. I had a great sleep outside in the sun with him yesterday, lying between his paws! Read more...

I must say, I get along best with Milo (7 months) and Coco (6 months). My grandparents adopted them both from the Bellville Animal Anti-Cruelty League a few months ago, and they are so much fun to be around. Milo and I play for hours, and Coco shows me the ropes. When it comes time for sleeping, you'll find me snuggled up to these two.

An update on my health – I went for my first inoculation last week! The vet said I am doing fantastically, and that I am growing into a very healthy girl. My coat is shinier and thicker by the day, and I am turning into such a well-balanced little dog. My mom is keeping me on my Efazol oil, once a day, as well as a Bob Martin vitamin every morning. She cooks us some delicious food, and tonight we're having chicken livers and mince, cooked with fresh herbs, as our topping for our kibbles. I have learned to eat slower, but I still love my food and lick the bowl clean every time!

Right – I hear the tennis ball being thrown, so it's time to go play again!