Written by Ginny Stone

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"Intruder alert – a furry one this time."

Have now learnt to share – with Fur that is. I mean, took me a weeny while to figure out no matter if the dratted moggy snoozed in my bear baskie – it's not like it was fatally contaminated or anything – I, Miss Fudgie-wena could still use it. And let's face it – I am a fair bit bigger than Fur so if push comes to shove.... I win! Most of the time that is. Read more...


But last week this whole sharing malarkey went a bit overboard.

That nice Aunty Celia next door called mom on the phone. "Do you know that there's a big dog in your back yard?" she said. What? Where? My furry whiskers – so there was. A huge hound. Ginormous. Such audacity. In our yard. I definitely don't think so. Off you go. Back where you came from. I yapped and yowled. Quick Mom – let me out – need to eat him. No really. Need to protect our stuff from this alien creature.

The intruder just looked at me through the glass door and wagged her tail. Cheeky weasel – get out. Get out now. She walked around sniffing my stoep and snorting around in my kennel. Oi! You! Get away from there. Aaaargh – what's that? Rats! She found the bone that I had stashed ages ago – so that's where I put it. Hmmm... had forgotten all about it. Stepped up on the scale of my ferocious barking. Mom – open the door now!

Instead that stupid mom opened the kitchen window and had a chat to the dog. Nicely too. I ask you, with my tail between my legs, is that anyway to behave? Worse – she passed over one of my bickies. That was just wrong. Wrong I say. Thought about sulking – then she gave me one too – but sharing my edible loot with strange mutts is not on.

Every now and then discovering all the exciting new stuff obviously got a bit much for the dog – because she jumped into the pool and had a dip to cool off. Mom opened the back door, but left the security gate closed. Tried to gnaw through the bars to get out, but had to be happy with snarling, snapping and glowering at the intruder instead. Mom said I should be nice. Hah! What for? It's my yard.

Turns out a bit of our wall fell down over the weekend – when they were off gallivanting in Cape Town and I was a prisoner in the kennels. Alpha thought it was such a tiny space, the big neighbor dog would not be able to get through. Hah – sometimes these phizzysissies are a bit doff hey? Of course it could get through.

Upon reflection, I think she was just a bit lonely – wanted to come bond with us. When her family came back later on, she happily jumped back through the tiny hole and went home. Alpha blocked up the opening so we're back to barking at each other through the fence.

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