Dear animal-lover,

We are sending you this letter because you are our last chance to get out of the shelter and to become happy.

Shepherd tammy bonjo socks

We, that is Shepherd, Tammy, Bonjo, Socks and my other friends below, are all looking for a safe and warm home. We hope to find a family that can provide us with food, but most importantly, with lots of love and cuddles. It is really strenuous to sit in our kennels day in, day out and not knowing where our next scratch comes from. Please, come to the shelter, spend some time with us and get to know us! You won't regret it!! We can't wait to meet you!

BullmBoxer satara crunchie boerboelxlab

Yours sincerely,

The homeless doggies at AACL Epping

P.S.: If you like to check out who else is looking for a perfect family, click here or contact Veronica on 021 534 6426 for more information.