"We'd like to continue making mutt's more 'acceptable', so that these unique creatures can find good, loving homes. With a MuttMix 'pedigree', the dog is no longer just a mixed breed, but something special - a unique blend of special characteristics that's better than any pure breed!" Richard Johnson, Director, MuttMix

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In this, the second part of our three-part series about MuttMix, the test kit has arrived and it's time to make the second step in finding out just what Noodle might be. Read more...

The first step in the process of uncovering Noodle's very mixed breed heritage began by simply clicking to http://www.bipedbiotech.com/ - here, I filled out the easy-to-complete order form, which then led the MuttMix team to post my test kit to me - free of charge! A few days later, an envelope arrived from MuttMix, and it was time to get DNA sampling. The kit, much like the order process, is simple and easy-to-use. There is nothing CSI Miami about it, and didn't include any rubber gloves, test tubes, or pairs of X-RAY glasses. Instead, it simply included a self-addressed envelope (for returning the sample to MuttMix HQ), an information card (to be filled out by the owner of the dog), a set of instructions, and a sleeve containing two swabs.

The process itself is very easy - in theory. You need to take each swab and place it inside your dog's mouth, between their cheek and gums. Rub the swab for at least ten seconds, pressing their cheek against the swab for better results, in order to collect cheek cells for testing. Repeat the process for both swabs and, once collected, leave the swabs in a safe place to dry for 30 minutes, before returning to the paper sleeve and sending back to MuttMix. I say this is easy in theory, though, as they didn't quite take Noodle into account! Noodle was less than impressed with "being swabbed" and, after trying to chew on the swab, refused to lie still enough to let us collect her sample. It took 2 of us to coerce her into a horizontal position, where one of us had to shower her with the most amazing tummy rubs and ear tickles she's had to date, and the other was tasked with collection. The combination worked, and we got our samples. After letting them dry, and adding Noodle's details to the information card, it was a simple case of adding the swabs to the sleeve, adding the sleeve and info card to the envelope, and popping it into the nearest postbox. Now, it was time to wait for the 4-6 week processing time, with baited breath, as we were one step closer to solving the Noodle puzzle!

If you'd like to find out what Noodle is, then make sure to keep an eye on FurKidz next week for MuttMix: Drum Roll Please!