The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Pro-life, Non-Profit Organization, which is not just a shelter, but also engages itself with people and animals in townships. Their vision is to build a society of non-violence, respect and empathy.


"Not confiscating and euthanizing but educating and sterilizing" is their motto. The main focus of LLF is to sterilize animals to prevent overpopulation, rather than eliminate the unwanted animals. They want to stop the torture of animals by developing empathy in the people. They motivate people from townships to bring their pets in for sterilization. As a reward, the Fondation gives them clothes and food for themselves and their animals. LLF shows the people how to treat animals with respect. They also teach the importance of sterilization, de-worming, vaccinations and clean water.

Additionally, the Organisation wants to improve the education and lifestyle of the people living in townships by teaching them life skills, such as vegetable gardening and woodwork. These skills allow the people to create employment and therefore instill responsibility for them to take care of themselves, their families and their animals.

The Lucky Lucy Foundation also is a shelter and there are many dogs and cats waiting for a warm, lovely home. Thez have been rescued from severe neglect , they had no hope left . Show them how wonderful life can be, be there miracle!These creatures are "no hope left" animals; the ones with no chances left, that have no hope for the future and who need a miracle.

Boomer Chakita MM

Boomer, Chakita and M&M are just a few doggies who would like to get to know you as well as the kitties Mouche, Mummi, Sassy and Ninja. For more information please call 0739286236 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mummy Mouche Sassy Ninja