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Wet Nose is a registered right to life organization, or in other words they are a pro-life shelter. All animals remain in their care until they find their forever homes. Wet Nose staff work hard to rehabilitate all abandoned, neglected and abused animals that come through their doors. 

Time is spent with all the animals to help them overcome any problems that may have been developed from abuse. Many animals have been hurt badly by their previous experiences and Wet Nose works hard to show them a new way of life where they will be unconditionally loved and cared for.

On average they have about 80 adoptions a month, which is fabulous! However they still have around 320 dogs and 60 cats that dream of one day finding a loving family to take them home!

While the cats, dogs and even horses patiently a wait being reunited with their families or wait for a new family to take them home, they are well cared for by the Wet Nose staff. The onsite vets take care of any disease or injuries in the clinic, while kennel hands do everything from giving them hearty meals to cuddling with them. Volunteers come on a regular basis to take the dogs for long walks around the grounds as well.

Wet Nose was founded in 1999 by Tracy Forte. Tracy started out with a dream to ensure that healthy animals are given a second chance in life and to make sure they receive all the love and care they need until they find their happily ever after. They have re homed and reunited thousands of animals with families since then, some as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom!

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