Visiting animal shelters can be very distressing for some people. They walk down the rows of kennels and all they see are sad faces looking up at them. They find it very difficult to choose the right animal for them and their family because they want to help all of the animals, which unfortunately is just not possible.

The Anti Animal Cruelty League of Bellville is a wonderful shelter to visit. The staff is very welcoming and the shelter's smaller size will make the adopting process less overwhelming for you. The layout is very simple so you will get a chance to give every animal the consideration they deserve. They also have lovely free-runs where you can spend time and get to know your potentially new companion.

You will not regret a visit to AACL Bellville and we wish you all the luck in finding your FurKid! We know you will find what you need!

For more information please contact Alma/Helen at the AACL in Bellville on 021 951 3010.