"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend, inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." (Groucho Marx)

    Author: Alexandra Horowitz
    Format: Softcover
    Publication Date: September 2009
    ISBN: 9781416583431

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What's it like to be a dog? What's it like to be able to smell not just every bit of open food in the house but also to smell sadness in humans? How does a tiny dog manage to play successfully with a Great Dane? What is it like to hear the bodily vibrations of insects or the hum of a fluorescent light? Why must a person on a bicycle be chased? What's it like to use your mouth as a hand? In short, what is it like for a dog to experience life from two feet off the ground, amidst the smells of the sidewalk, gazing at our ankles or knees?

Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist, explains how dogs perceive their daily worlds, each other, and that other quirky animal, the human. Horowitz introduces the reader to dogs' perceptual and cognitive abilities and then draws a picture of what it might be like to be a dog.

Inside of the Dog gives us surprising answers and explanations of why dogs do what they do. With a light touch and the weight of science behind her, Alexandra Horowitz examines the animal we think we know best but may actually understand the least. This book is as close as you can get to knowing about dogs without being a dog yourself!

"I feel like I am now in my dog's head. Every time he sniffs me I understand it more and more."

"This is a fantastic book for those who want to relate to their companions in a deeper, more profound manner. I won't be able to look at my dog in the same way again."

"I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to see what their dog "sees"."

"It's not a book on how to train your four legged friend. It gives you a great grasp of a dog's perception of our world. A must read if you own a dog and see him as a member of the family."

"This is a serious book based on science and observation and it is essential reading for anyone who truly loves dogs. The book can only strengthen the bond between you and your dog."

"You will recognize your dog and yourself in this funny and interesting book."

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