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 Well, hello there and welcome to the Furkidz website. You're well on the way to finding your perfect match of canine or feline companion.

If you haven't ever visited this site before, we want you to enjoy the experience, and to assist you, so we've outlined just a couple of quick hints on best use of the site, along with why we're here.

Furkidz has grown in response to the increasing number of homeless and unwanted dogs or cats, who've been forgotten and overlooked by people buying directly from backyard breeders or pet shops.

We visit a large number of shelters in a variety of locations to interact with and photograph their dogs and cats and to provide you a brief online description to entice you, and convince you that adoption is THE option.

How to use this site:

To save you time, we've added a range of search options (check out our FurKidz Finder on the top left hand side)

The first filter option asks what type of pet you're looking for, and then, and often most popular option, is simply tosearch by region to find your nearest shelter, and make the time to visit. You'll have the opportunity meeting a range of pure and mixed breed dogs and cats, of varying ages, sizes, colours and gender, making it a simple solution when choosing your next pet.

Alternatively, once you've entered your type of pet and your region, you can also use advanced filters for breed, age, size, colour or gender if you're looking for more specific attributes.

We invite you to enter your preferences, to view our Furkidz, already sterilised, healthy and vaccinated, and just patiently waiting for someone like you, to call their own. The ones you'll initially see here, are a small selection from our last shelter visit and just some of the wonderful animals we've photographed who're waiting for adoption at HAWS, in Hartbeespoort.

Enter your choice off pet, and region, to reveal more equally amazing animals just ready and waiting for new homes with people with big hearts - people like you.

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We are...


FurKidz is a public, non-profit organisation (NPO No 082-865), founded to assist Animal Shelters across Southern Africa in re-homing their animals.

Furkidz.co.za provides an easily searchable, comprehensive database of rescue pets and we hope with our FurKidz Finder you will find your perfect match.

Contact Us

For Membership related enquiries please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For Donation related enquiries please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For any other enquiries please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our Mission is...

arrow_blue  To create, maintain and provide an online database of homeless animals in Southern Africa

arrow_green  To increase South African public awareness to the large amount of homeless animals

arrow_red  To promote the adoption of shelter animals with a view to eliminating euthanasia of healthy animals

arrow_yellow  To support animal welfare organizations in Southern Africa through the provision of resources, services and activities 

arrow_purple  To function as a platform of engagement for animal lovers, adopters, animal welfare organizations, shelters and SPCA's 

arrow_blue  To generate and distribute funds to homeless animals and animal welfare organizations in Southern Africa

arrow_green  To generate funds for the successful operation of FurKidz.co.za

At FurKidz.co.za you can...

blue_tick  Find your FurKidz with our FurKid Finder
green_tick  Find Animal Welfare and Rescue Organisations with our Shelter Finder
red_tick  Find new homes for your FurKidz by Becoming a member
yellow_tick  Help and Donate by browsing through our FurKid in Need and Urgent Section
purple_tick   Chat and discuss everything related to animals and much more in our Forum
blue_tick  Find friends that share your interests in our Forum
green_tick  Find or Offer Foster Homes in our Classifieds
red_tick  Find or Offer Pet sitters in our Classifieds
yellow_tick  Find or Offer Trainer / Behaviorists in our Classifieds
purple_tick   Find a vet in our Classifieds
blue_tick  Find or Offer Pet Groomers in our Classifieds
green_tick  Read interesting and informative articles in our Library
red_tick  Learn about the campaigns and work of your nearby shelters in our Shelter News
yellow_tick  Read interesting animal news in our News Section

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